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Details of the Footpath Group’s walks until June

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The Clevedonian - Autumn 2014

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Clevedon 42nd Annual Town Meeting video

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News on the ‘Big Litter pick’

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Civic Society reaction to three new planning applications

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Site updated on 10 April, 2015

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970


Clevedon is a seaside resort on the Bristol Channel with easy access from the M5 at Junction 20.

Our attractive town, which has a population of about 21,000, is a vibrant mix of the old and the new, with a good selection of shops for all tastes and a wide assortment of excellent restaurants to relish.

Fantastic views are to be had across the water to South Wales along with interesting walks and one of the most famous sunsets in the country.

This all goes to making Clevedon a special place to enjoy, so  

welcome to our town.

All meetings are at

St Andrew’s Church Centre, Clevedon at 7.30pm

All are welcome, visitors £3

Around Wrington

Leave Barn Car Park at  9.30am

Pub Lunch  

Leaders: Malcolm & Hilary Case (Telephone: 874626)


The Beau Street Hoard

Roman Baths Museum

The Beau Street Hoard was found in Bath in 2008, it is the fifth-largest hoard ever found in Britain and the largest ever discovered in a British Roman town. It consists of an estimated 17,500 silver Roman coins dating from between 32 BC and 274 AD

Beau-St-Hoard-clean-coins.jpg BSH HLF illustrated talk 1- Clevedon.jpg

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Please click the images to enlarge

Climate Change

Marcus Badger

This talk will present some of the evidence of what Earth was like just a few thousand years ago, how we know, what we don’t know and how uncertain we are.

climate-change_1509200c.jpg scientists-clues-print.jpg

Somerset Women

Esther Hoyle

Esther Hoyle is a Senior Archivist at the Somerset Heritage Centre, she graduated from The University of Warwick in 1993.  We don’t have a list of the women she will be talking about….it’s wait and see time!

Anne_stanhope.jpg Women's_Land_Army_Training_at_Cannington_Farm,_Somerset,_England,_C_1940_D118.jpg

Walkers enjoying a sunny day in Bristol during part two of this trail on Tuesday 31st March

Sculpture walk part 2.JPG

The Sculpture Trail