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Baptisms - FG

Falloon Florence May John Edmund Amy Jane     13thJan 1887 STJN
Farringdon Betty Iris Alwyn Arthur & Beatrice Gwendoline   Brunswick House Rail Engineer May5th 1920SP STAN
Faulkner Derek Frank Rowland & Eileen   3 Stroud Rd Labourer Mar3rd 1934 STAN
Faulkner Florence Eileen Frank & Florence     Motordriver Mar3rd 1934 STAN
Faulkner Geoffrey Frank & Florence     Motordriver Mar3rd 1934 STAN
Featherstone Adelaide May James Mary     12thAug 1906 STJN
Feltham Alfred George & Marthan     Labourer Aug13th 1843 STAN
Feltham Alice Isabella Alfred & Jane     Pier Porter Oct27th 1872 STAN
Feltham Beatrice Martha Alfred & Jane     Pier Porter Dec30th 1877 STAN
Feltham Charles George & Martha     Gardener Mar5th 1855 STAN
Feltham Charles Henry Alfred & Jane     Pier Porter May30th 1875 STAN
Feltham Edward Edward & Ann       Oct14th 1804 STAN
Feltham Elizabeth Harriet Alfred & Jane     Porter Jan1st 1871 STAN
Feltham Ellen Joseph & Sarah     Labourer May28th 1843 STAN
Feltham Emily Martha Charles & Eliza     Gas Worker Dec28th 1883 STAN
Feltham Emma Edward & Ann     Tailor Aug8th 1824 STAN
Feltham Fanny Joseph & Sarah     Labourer July3rd 1855 STAN
Feltham Florence Eliza Arthur & Jane     Pier Porter Nov29th 1885 STAN
Feltham Francis Edward & Anne       Mar30th 1806 STAN
Feltham George Edward & Ann       Sept10th 1809 STAN
Feltham George Alfred Alfred & Jane     Pier Porter June26th 1881 STAN
Feltham Harriet Edward & Ann     Tailor Oct31st 1813 STAN
Feltham Harriet George & Martha     Labourer July30th 1849 STAN
Feltham Harriet Ada Charles & Eliza Sophia     Gas Maker Aug19th 1887 STAN
Feltham Henry George & Martha     Labourer July18th 1841 STAN
Feltham Henry George & Martha     Labourer July26th 1846 STAN
Feltham Isabella George & Martha     Gardener Jan25th 1852 STAN
Feltham Isabella Mary       Oct23rd 1836 STAN
Feltham Isabella Charlotte Charles & Eliza     Labourer Gas Works Feb3rd 1882 STAN
Feltham Jane George & Martha     Labourer Sep8th 1839 STAN
Feltham Joseph Edward & Ann     Tailor Apr26th 1818 STAN
Feltham Margaret Edward & Ann     Tailor Apr24th 1821 STAN
Feltham Margaret Elizabeth Charles & Eliza Sophia     Gashouse Labourer Apr24th 1892 STAN
Feltham Martha Ann Charles & Eliza Sophia     Gasman Dec25th 1889 STAN
Feltham Martha Ann George & Martha     Gardener Oct18th 1857 STAN
Feltham Martha Sarah Ann Charles & Eliza Sophia     Labourer Apr25th 1880 STAN
Feltham Mary Edward & Ann       Feb2nd 1812 STAN
Feltham Mary Jane Alfred & Jane     Pier Porter Aug31st 1879 STAN
Feltham Sarah Edward & Ann       Jan30th 1803 STAN
Feltham Sarah Ann Alfred & Jane     Porter on Pier Oct18th 1869 STAN
Feltham William Edward & Ann       Apr3rd 1808 STAN
Feltham Alfred Montague Alice Isabella   5 Dial Hill Single July5th 1908SP STAN
Feltham Gladys Margaret George Aaron & Ada Swindon     Boilerman Dec25th 1910 STAN
Feltham Henry Charles Francis Charles & Eliza Sophia     Labourer Apr124th 1898 STAN
Feltham Jane Francis & Frances     Taylor Mar22nd 1835 STAN
Feltham [Felton] George Aaron Charles & Eliza     Labourer Gas works May31st 1885 STAN
Felton Ellen Joseph & Sarah     Labourer Nov13th 1859 STAN
Felton [Feltham] George Aaron Charles & Eliza Labourer Gas works       May31st 1885 STAN
Feltrim-Kagan [died] Laura Christopher Sullway Alice     21stMay 1892 STJN
Fford Betty William & Betty       Apr6th 1740 STAN
Fford John Richard & Ann       Jan18th 1735 STAN
Fford William John & Elizabeth       Oct17th 1738 STAN
Fford William Richard & Ann       Apr2nd 1738 STAN
Field Mary Adelaide Joesph & Emily   East Clevedon Hammerman Aug2nd 1874 ALLST
Filer May Victoria Buxton Lawrence & Frances Mary     Army Colonel Jan10th 1871 STAN
Finzel Mary Conrad William Curling & Eliza Ann     Sugar Refiner Mar6th 1874 STAN
Finzel George Henry George George Henry Taylor & Lucy Parfitt     Sugar Refiner Aug6th 1871 STAN
Finzel Charles Alfred George Henry Taylor & Lucy Parfitt     Sugar Refiner Nov22nd 1872 STAN
Finzel Francis Edward Charles Francis Edward & Emily Ann     Gentleman Mar2nd 1877 STAN
Finzel Hugh Curling... George Henry Taylor & Lucy Parfitt     Sugar Refiner Oct16th 1874 STAN
Finzell Conrad Wllm Curling Conrad Wllm Curling & Eliza Ann     Sugar Refiner Aug21st 1869 STAN
Fisher William Frederick Frederick & Hannah   East Clevedon Coachman Sep9th 1868 ALLST
Fisher Ellen Frederick & Hannah   East Clevedon Coachman Aug22nd 1869 ALLST
Fisher David John Frederick & Hannah   East Clevedon Driver Apr2nd 1871 ALLST
Fisher Walter Frederick & Hannah   East Clevedon Driver Dec1st 1872 ALLST
Fisher Albert Frederick & Hannah   East Clevedon Labourer Mar7th 1875 ALLST
Fisher Clara John & Annie     Corn Dealer Sept22nd 1866 STAN
Fishlock 1898 Edith Edwin & Lydia Corrymore Queens Rd     Farmer Apr10th 1916SP STAN
Flack Frederick Ferdinand Peter Joseph Eliza     22ndJul 1878 STJN
Flay Iris Mabel Robert & Mabel Maud   5 Stroud Rd Plasterer Nov18th 1913SP STAN
Flay 1908 Thomas Robert & Mabel Maud   5 Stroud Rd Plasterer Nov18th 1913SP STAN
Fletrim-Kagan [died] Henry Christopher Sullway Alice     21stMay 1892 STJN
Flower Alice John Thomas & Mary   East Clevedon Gardener Aug5th 1884 ALLST
Flower William Henry John & Mary   East Clevedon Labourer Sep2nd 1881 ALLST
Flower Louisa Thomas & Mary   East Clevedon Labourer Nov1st 1882 ALLST
Floyd Alice Lavina William & Hester     Labourer Nov30th 1862 STAN
Floyd Rosina Amelia William & Hester     Labourer Mar27th 1853 STAN
Foley Elizabeth Eileen Reginald Ernest & Eileen   Herbert Terrace Gentleman Sept16th 1921SP STAN
Foley Paul Reginald Ernest & Eileen Gertrude   11 Herb. Terr. Soldier Jan20th 1920SP STAN
Foote Mary Corisande John & Margaret   East Clevedon Priest Apr7th 1889 ALLST
Foote Cicely Agnes John & Margaret   East Clevedon Priest Sep28th 1890 ALLST
Foote William Thomas Thomas James & Jane   East Clevedon Gardener Nov3rd 1872 ALLST
Ford Harriet George & Harriet   East Clevedon Shoemaker Mar13th 1861 ALLST
Ford George George & Harriet   East Clevedon Shoemaker Mar13th 1861 ALLST
Ford Susan Charlotte George & Harriet   East Clevedon Shoemaker Mar5th 1862 ALLST
Ford Mary Jane George & Harriet   East Clevedon Shoemaker Apr6th 1864 ALLST
Ford Annie George & Harriet   East Clevedon Shoemaker Jun6th 1866 ALLST
Ford Ada Annie George & Harriet     Shoemaker July7th 1877 STAN
Ford Alfred Alfred & Sarah     Labourer Mar11th 1890 STAN
Ford Alfred George & Harriet     Shoemaker June4th 1871 STAN
Ford Alfred John William George & Mary Ann     Labourer Sept16th 1892 STAN
Ford Arthur Charles William George & Mary Ann     Mason's Labourer Apr30th 1899 STAN
Ford Betty John & Betty       Nov8th 1730 STAN
Ford Conrad Henry Theodore Thomas & Ellen     H.M. Judge Penang Oct2nd 1874 STAN
Ford Daisy Alfred & Sarah Ann     Mason's Labourer Apr26th 1891 STAN
Ford Florence May William George & Mary Ann     Labourer July25th 1897 STAN
Ford Frank George & Harriet     Shoemaker Feb2nd 1874 STAN
Ford Henry William & Ann     Labourer Nov7th 1853 STAN
Ford Herbert James William George & Mary Ann     Labourer Jan30th 1898 STAN
Ford Hild Alice William James & Mary     Labourer Sept27th 1896 STAN
Ford Martha William & Ann     Labourer Sept14th 1856 STAN
Ford Richard John & Elizabeth       June17th 1733 STAN
Ford Richard John & Elizabeth       Mar6th 1734 STAN
Ford Sarah Ann Henry & Emma     Dairyman Aug17th 1883 STAN
Ford Sarah Ann William & Ann     Labourer Feb16th 1851 STAN
Ford Thomas Alfred & Sarah Jane     Mason's Labourer Sept30th 1894 STAN
Ford Wilfred Frank William George & Mary Ann     Labourer Jan30th 1898 STAN
Ford William William & Betty       May30th 1742 STAN
Ford William George William George & Mary Ann     Labourer Jan30th 1898 STAN
Ford William James George & Harriet     Shoemaker Mar5th 1871 STAN
Ford Winifred Mary William James & Mary     Mason's Labourer Feb26th 1899 STAN
Ford Edna Rowena Joan Alfred & Florence   82 Stroud Rd Carter July22nd 1920 STAN
Ford Edward James William James & Mary   117 Old Ch Rd Labourer Mar29th 1903 STAN
Ford Harold Frank William James & Mary   117 Old Ch Rd Labourer Mar26th 1911 STAN
Ford Ida Winifred Theresa   38 Stroud Rd Single May13rd 1907SP STAN
Ford Jessie Mildred William James & Mary   117 Old Church Rd Labourer Sept9th 1906 STAN
Ford John Edmund Edmund & Ruby Mary   Knowles Rd Cabinet Maker June10th 1934 STAN
Ford Lilian Maud William James & Mary   117 Old Church Rd Labourer July3rd 1904 STAN
Ford Norman William William James & Mary   117 Old Ch Rd Labourer Aug29th 1915 STAN
Ford Alice Maud Alfred Sarah Ann     8thJan 1889 STJN
Ford Royston Michael John Eibert George Beatrice Lilian May     12thOct 1930 STJN
Ford Brenda Naomi May Eibert May     3rdFeb 1929 STJN
Ford Ada Sophia George Mary Ann     27thMar 1887 STJN
Ford Ronald Frank Reginald Frank Ellen Eliza     2ndJan 1927 STJN
Ford Grace Mary Youde   Sarah     30thJul 1908 STJN
Ford Horace George Thomas Sarah     17thMay 1900 STJN
Fortune Marion Netta Henry & Anne     Cabdriver Apr29th 1894 STAN
Fortune Sarah Anne George & Anne     Labourer Feb24th 1872 STAN
Fortune Winifred Grace Daniel & Emily Jane     Mason's Labourer Feb9th 1894 STAN
Fortune Bertie Arnold Augustus John & Fanny     Mariner Sept21st 1881 STAN
Fortune Charles Frederick Walter Daniel & Emily     Labourer Jan21st 1879 STAN
Fortune Arthur Ronald Frederick Fredk & Daisy Ellen   28 Stroud Rd Engine Driver Mar8th 1913SP STAN
Fortune Brenda Pauline Daniel Frederick & Ellen Daisy   38 Stroud Rd Fishmonger Jan8th 1928SP STAN
Fortune Maxwell Rowland Daniel Frederick & Ellen Daisy   38 Stroud Rd Fishmonger Oct18th 1929 STAN
Fortune Monice Alice Maud Daniel Fredk Walter & Ellen Daisy   16 Stroud Rd Fireman Jan29th 1915SP STAN
Fortune Charles Walter Charles Ellen     4thJan 1901 STJN
Fortune Lilian Grace Charles Ellen     29thMay 1911 STJN
Fortune Leslie Maurice Charles Ellen     22ndNov 1920 STJN
Fortune Violet Mabel Charles Ellen Mary     25thSept 1898 STJN
Fortune Leonard Charles Ellen Mary     14thJun 1902 STJN
Fortune Gwedoline Charles Ellen Mary     20thSept 1905 STJN
Fortune Sarah Charles Ellen Mary     11thMay 1914 STJN
Fortune Rose Charles Ellen May     14thJan 1914 STJN
Fortune Florence Rosina Ethel Daniel Emily     7thMay 1883 STJN
Fortune Evelyn Elsie Rhoda Daniel Emily     28thApr 1886 STJN
Fortune Daniel Frederick Walter Daniel Emily     8thMay 1888 STJN
Fortune Gilbert Edward Daniel Emily     21stApr 1890 STJN
Fortune Gladys Hilda Daisy Daniel Emily Jane     3rdJul 1896 STJN
Fortune Henry George Ann     30thMar 1885 STJN
Fortune Frances Isobel May George Ann     30thMar 1885 STJN
Fortune Phyllis Emilie Maud Gilbert Edward Harriet     25thMar 1915 STJN
Fortune Henry Graham John Harry Annie     29thJun 1898 STJN
Fortune Sarah Annie Henry Annie     5thApr 1895 STJN
Fortune Muriel Minnie Henry Annie     31stAug 1900 STJN
Fortune Doris James Elizabeth     16thApr 1902 STJN
Fortune Gordon Charles Walter Charles Mafeking Ethel May     17thJan 1922 STJN
Fortune Ernest Leonard Walter Charles Ethel May     19thNov 1922 STJN
Fortune Leslie Redvers Walter Charles Ethel May     7thAug 1929 STJN
Fortune Harry William James Elizabeth     11thNov 1885 STJN
Fortune George Clement William James Elizabeth     12thFeb 1888 STJN
Fortune Elizabeth William James Elizabeth     23rdFeb 1897 STJN
Fortune Kathleen Mabel William James Elizabeth     27thOct 1898 STJN
Fortune William James William Elizabeth     8thJun 1884 STJN
Fortune Edward Gordon William Elizabeth     10thNov 1889 STJN
Fortune Evelyn William Elizabeth     14thJul 1892 STJN
Fortune Frances Isabelle May William Emily     10thSept 1882 STJN
Fowler Allan Jack Samuel Albert Frances     6thOct 1912 STJN
Fowler Gerald Francis Albert Frances     17thSept 1914 STJN
Fox Charles Hugh Vaughan Edwd Vaughan & Frances Gertrude   Walton on Thames   July16th 1908 STAN
Frances Pauline Doris Margaret Henry Charles Edward Hilda May     16thSept 1928 STJN
Francis Audrey Olive Mary Henry Charles Edmond Hilda May     20thJan 1926 STJN
Freer Edith Grace James & Grace     Mason May30th 1875 STAN
French Florence May Thomas Serena     18thMar 1908 STJN
Frost Cyril DeBeaupre Frost John Jarold Day & Mary Beatrice     Gent May21st 1880 STAN
Fry Emily Louisa Lina James & Selina   Bristol warehouseman Jan25th 1891 ALLST
Fry Sidney James James & Selina   Bristol Warehouseman Dec27th 1891 ALLST
Fry James Francis James & Selina   Bristol Warehouseman Apr2nd 1893 ALLST
Fry Albert John Henry Charles & Mary Ann     Solicitors Clerk Feb16th 1883 STAN
Fry Ann Charles & Sarah     Shoemaker Aug24th 1828 STAN
Fry Anna Edward & Elizabeth     Labourer Feb20th 1835 STAN
Fry Caroline Edward & Elizabeth     Labourer Feb3rd 1828 STAN
Fry Charles Charles & Sarah     Shoemaker Mar19th 1843 STAN
Fry Charles Herbert Henry Charles & Mary Ann     Solicitors Clerk July27th 1879 STAN
Fry Edith Mary Henry Charles & Mary Ann     Solicitors Clerk Sept30th 1881 STAN
Fry Edward Francis John & Matilda Florence     Seaman Apr30th 1893 STAN
Fry Edwin Charles & Sarah     Shoemaker Aug6th 1848 STAN
Fry Eliza Frederick & Eliza     Cattlejobber Oct23rd 1853 STAN
Fry Eliza Jane John & Harriet     Mariner Jan30th 1859 STAN
Fry Elizabeth Frederick & Eliza     Drover Jan24th 1847 STAN
Fry Elizabeth James & Elizabeth     Labourer Oct4th 1829 STAN
Fry Elizabeth Agnes George Carey & Mary     Waiter Aug16th 1846 STAN
Fry Elizabeth Arabella John & Harriet     Mariner Dec21st 1851 STAN
Fry Ellen Edward & Elizabeth     Labourer July17th 1831 STAN
Fry Emma James & Elizabeth     Labourer Mar23rd 1828 STAN
Fry Emma Mary George & Ann     Publican May31st 1868 STAN
Fry Ernest Edwin George & Annie     Cab Proprietor Aug21st 1874 STAN
Fry Frances Elizabeth William & Emma     Druggist Jan20th 1828 STAN
Fry Frederick James & Elizabeth     Labourer Jan6th 1822 STAN
Fry Frederick John George & Annie     Cab Proprietor Aug21st 1874 STAN
Fry George Charles & Sarah     Shoemaker Nov1st 1840 STAN
Fry George James John & Harriet     Mariner May5th 1861 STAN
Fry Harriet James & Elizabeth     Labourer Nov14th 1819 STAN
Fry Harriet Anies John & Harriet     Mariner June4th 1854 STAN
Fry Harriet Louisa Henry Charles & Mary Ann     Solicitor's Clerk Jan19th 1878 STAN
Fry Henry Emma       May20th 1855 STAN
Fry Henry Burdge Henry Charles & Mary Ann     Clerk to Local Board Sept18th 1885 STAN
Fry Henry Charles John & Harriet     Mariner Dec30th 1849 STAN
Fry James Frederick & Eliza     Drover Jan24th 1847 STAN
Fry Jane Ellen       Feb10th 1853 STAN
Fry John Albert John & Harriet     Mariner Dec21st 1856 STAN
Fry Joseph James & Elizabeth     Labourer Apr9th 1817 STAN
Fry Louisa Charles & Sarah     Shoemaker Dec14th 1845 STAN
Fry Margaret James & Elizabeth     Labourer July4th 1824 STAN
Fry Maria James & Elizabeth     Labourer Sept9th 1832 STAN
Fry Mary James & Elizabeth     Labourer Aug7th 1825 STAN
Fry Mary Jane Frederick & Eliza     Drover Dec26th 1852 STAN
Fry Robert Edward & Elizabeth     Labourer Apr14th 1839 STAN
Fry Susan Ann Joseph & Sarah     Labourer Feb18th 1849 STAN
Fry William George George & Ann     Carrier May13th 1866 STAN
Fry Mary Frederick & Eliza     Drover Jan24th 1847 STAN
Fry Rhoda Frederic & Eliza     Drover Mar8th 1849 STAN
Fry Peter Keneth Llewllyn Peter Gray & Minnie   30 Alexandra Rd Architect Nov24th 1904SP STAN
Fry Florence Mildred Ernest Alice     12thJan 1901 STJN
Fry William Henry George Annie Elizabeth     16thSept 1909 STJN
Fry Herbert Newman William George Florence Martha     11thOct 1910 STJN
Fry Thirza William George Florence Martha     1stJan 1914 STJN
Fryer Edwin James Arthur & Alice     Baker Sept23rd 1875 STAN
Fryer Blanche Elsie Thomas Charles Erham Rachel     7thDec 1888 STJN
Fryer Thomas Charles Graham Thomas Charles Graham Rachel     10thDec 1892 STJN
Fryer Florence Thomas Charles Graham Rachel     10thDec 1892 STJN
Fryer Lily Thomas Rachel     19thMar 1888 STJN
Gabriel Catherine Eliza William & Catherine Eliza     Flydriver Feb1st 1863 STAN
Gainard Sarah Joseph & Elizabeth       July 19th 1733 STAN
Gainard William Joseph & Betty       Feb 7th 1731 STAN
Gale Alan Victor Walter Allen Freman & Edith Helen   Kidderminster Motor Mech. June17th 1909 STAN
Gale Beatrice Mary Frederick William Julia     5thFeb 1891 STJN
Gallop Ann9-9-11 Samuel & Hester     Schoolmaster Apr30th 1817 STAN
Gallop Elizabeth25-3-15 Samuel & Hester     Schoolmaster Apr30th 1817 STAN
Gallop Martha7-2-13 Samuel & Hester     Schoolmaster Apr30th 1817 STAN
Gallop Richard25=3=15 Samuel & Hester     Schoolmaster Apr30th 1817 STAN
Gallop Samuel Samuel & Hester     Schoolmaster June10th 1820 STAN
Gallop Thomas Samuel & Hester     Schoolmaster May7th 1818 STAN
Galton Hilda Ernestine Herman Ernest & Augusta Brenton     Capt Army Retired May1st 1874 STAN
Gamester Patrick Stanley Charles & Edith   1 Battery Cottages Labourer Apr18th 1931 STAN
Gamlin Florence Mary John & Amelia   East Clevedon Labourer Jan30th 1876 ALLST
Gamlin Hannah Amelia John & Amelia   East Clevedon Labourer Feb2nd 1878 ALLST
Gammon Agnes Richard & Ann     Smith Jan26th 1840 STAN
Ganniclifft Catherine Louisa Pinkham William Pinkham & Ann     Hairdresser Jan24th 1864 STAN
Ganniclifft Cecil Charles Conrad & Sarah Jane     Postman Mar26th 1887 STAN
Ganniclifft Charles Charles Conrad & Sarah Jane     Postman Jan26th 1890 STAN
Ganniclifft Eliza Mary William Pinkham & Ann     Hairdresser July19th 1857 STAN
Ganniclifft Johannah Emily Pinkham William & Ann     Hairdresser Jan28th 1866 STAN
Ganniclifft John Albert William & Ann     Hairdresser Mar15th 1868 STAN
Ganniclifft Lilla Charles Conrad & Sarah Jane     Postman Mar10th 1893 STAN
Ganniclifft Thomas Jury William Pinkham & Ann     Hairdresser Feb16th 1862 STAN
Ganniclifft William Henry Jury William Pinkham & Ann     Hairdresser Apr15th 1855 STAN
Ganniclifft Charles Conrad William Pinkham & Ann     Hairdresser Dec4th 1859 STAN
Ganniclifft David Stewart Reginald Stewart & Hilda Grace   Dial Hill Chiropodist Sept1st 1929 STAN
Ganniclifft Peter Stewart Reginald Stewart & Marjory Cecily   Triangle Chiropodist Feb7th 1926 STAN
Garland Joseph William & Sarah   East Clevedon Mason Dec3rd 1862 ALLST
Garland Albert William & Sarah   East Clevedon Mason Feb10th 1864 ALLST
Garland Edwin William & Sarah   East Clevedon Mason Mar1st 1865 ALLST
Garland Ellen Selvey William & Sarah   East Clevedon Mason Mar24th 1870 ALLST
Garland Kate William & Sarah   East Clevedon Mason Dec7th 1873 ALLST
Garland Alfred George & Mary Ann     Mason Feb24th 1882 STAN
Garland Charles William Henry William & Susan     Labourer Feb26th 1865 STAN
Garland Elizabeth Maria George & Mary Ann     Mason Aug25th 1872 STAN
Garland Elizabeth Maria George & Mary Ann     Mason July3rd 1891 STAN
Garland Frank George & Mary Ann     Mason Aug3rd 1877 STAN
Garland Helen William & Helen     Mason's Labourer June30th 1895 STAN
Garland Henry James George & Mary Ann     Mason Aug18th 1871 STAN
Garland James George & Mary Ann     Mason Feb22nd 1874 STAN
Garland John George & Mary Ann     Mason Feb7th 1879 STAN
Garland Leonard Frank Samuel Charles & Mabel Blanche     Carpenter Apr27th 1902 STAN
Garland Samuel Charles George & Mary Ann     Mason Feb24th 1882 STAN
Garland William George & Mary Ann     Mason June6th 1869 STAN
Garland Olive Gladys May Samuel Charles & Mabel Nellia   140 Ken Rd Carpenter Aug14th 1904 STAN
Garland Reata Joan Leslie Charles & Olive Margaret   97 Old Ch Rd Ag Labourer Dec16th 1928 STAN
Garland Sheila Ann Leslie Charles & Olive Margaret     Milkman Nov26th 1933 STAN
Garland Thomas Victor Samuel Charles & Mabel Nellie   11 Treefield Rd Carpenter June13th 1920 STAN
Garland Ernest John Frank Minnie Mary     23rdSept 1899 STJN
Garland Florence Ethel Frank Minnie Mary     19thJun 1902 STJN
Garland Mabel Lily Frederick Fanny     6thJun 1907 STJN
Garland Leslie Charles Samuel Charles Mabel Nellie     6thMay 1906 STJN
Garland Ida Grace Samuel Charles Mabel Nellie     4thJun 1911 STJN
Garland Brunetta Irene Maud Samuel Charles Mabel Nellie     7thMar 1917 STJN
Garland Lilian William Ellen     6thAug 1890 STJN
Garn Charles Ernest William & Eliza     Carpenter Feb2nd 1874 STAN
Garnnor Joseph Joseph & Mary       Mar3rd 1742 STAN
Garratt Arthur Aaron Henry & Elizabeth     Fly Driver Nov5th 1880 STAN
Garratt Beatrice Emily Henry & Elizabeth     Fly Prop. Dec2nd 1881 STAN
Garratt Edith Emily George & Sarah     Fly Proprietor May9th 1873 STAN
Garratt Edwin Aaron & Hannah     Labourer Feb20th 1842 STAN
Garratt Edwin Henry Edwin & Mary Ann     Coachman Aug1st 1873 STAN
Garratt Frank George & Sarah     Fly Driver Feb12th 1875 STAN
Garratt Walter William Henry & Elizabeth     Fly Driver June5th 1885 STAN
Garratt Florence May   Edith Emily     13thJan 1893 STJN
Garrett George Araon & Harriet     Labourer Dec30th 1849 STAN
Garrett Henry Aaron & Hannah     Carpenter May30th 1847 STAN
Garrett Hester Aaron & Hannah     Labourer Jan12th 1840 STAN
Garrett Sarah Aaron & Hannah     Labourer May26th 1844 STAN
Garrett Florence George Sarah     30thSept 1877 STJN
Garrett Alice Louisa George Sarah     25thFeb 1883 STJN
Garrett William Charles George Sarah     31stMay 1885 STJN
Garston John Aylmer John Henry & Isabella Mary     Madras Civ Serv. Apr5th 1878 STAN
Gast Joyce William Edward & Alice   17 Stroud Rd Sailor Sept12th 1918 STAN
Gastill Thomas Edward & Mary Gastill       Aug6th 1664 STAN
Gay Grace George Gay       Sept29th 1623 STAN
Gaynard Deborah Richard Gaynard       July19th 1611 STAN
Gaynard Elizabeth William Gaynard       Oct18th 1607 STAN
Gaynard William James & Joane Gaynard       June28th 1635 STAN
Gayner Stanley Walter Sarah     4thApr 1903 STJN
Gazzard Godfrey Henry Royce Henry Mabel     8thFeb 1925 STJN
Geh Barbara William John & Mabel   Lithgow Victoria Rd Master Mariner Nov27th 1921 STAN
Gelly Charles William & Ann       July11th 1802 STAN
Geneg George Charles Jesse Samuel James Mary Ann     21stApr 1920 STJN
Genge Ernest Anthony Ernest Samuel Doris Minnie     24thFeb 1926 STJN
Genge Kathleen Eva Maud Samuel James Mary Ann     17thFeb 1907 STJN
Genge Stanley Clifford Samuel James Mary Ann     3rdJan 1909 STJN
Genge James Anthony Samuel James Mary Ann     12thJan 1911 STJN
Genge Nora Georgina Lily Samuel James Mary Ann     6thSept 1914 STJN
Genge Douglas Lloyd Jellicoe Samuel James Mary Ann     20thMay 1917 STJN
Genge William Henry Samuel Marianne     25thDec 1904 STJN
George Emily Mary James Martha     6thAug 1899 STJN
George Edward James Samuel James Mary Ann     9thFeb 1902 STJN
George Frances Maud Thomas Rose     31stMay 1897 STJN
George Violet Imelda Thomas Rosetta     14thOct 1895 STJN
Getty Ann William & Ann       Oct5th 1800 STAN
Gibb Thomas William William & Catherine   Clevedon Colonel Army Jun1st 1869 ALLST
Gibb Lilias Mary William & Catherine   Clevedon Army Colonel Apr12th 1864 ALLST
Gibb Gertrude Pendes William & Catherine   Clevedon Army Colonel Aug24th 1865 ALLST
Gibb Louisa Mary William & Catherine   Clevedon Lt Col. Army Mar27th 1868 ALLST
Gibblett Ann John & Hester       Dec26th 1779 STAN
Gibblett Anne John & Hester       Mar30th 1784 STAN
Gibblett Hannah John & Hester       Dec9th 1781 STAN
Gibblett Joseph John & Elizabeth       Apr9th 1786 STAN
Gibbs Agnes Hilda George & Beatrice   London Gent Oct12th 1865 ALLST
Gibbs Ethel Constance John Lomax & Isabel Marianne   Clifton Hampden Vicar Jan3rd 1873 STAN
Gibbs Francis Edward Ernest Lilian Saunders     23rdFeb 1900 STJN
Giblett Elizabeth John & Hester       Oct5th 1797 STAN
Giblett Elizabeth John & Hester       Sep24th 1775 STAN
Giblett Hester John & Hester       Mar9th 1794 STAN
Giblett Jacob Hugh & Betty       Sep8th 1755 STAN
Giblett John John & Hesther       Apr12th 1789 STAN
Giblett Martha Hugh & Betty       Jan5th 1753 STAN
Giblett William John & Hester       Aug3rd 1777 STAN
Giblett William John & Hesther       Jan8th 1792 STAN
Gibson William Henry Albert & Ellen   East Clevedon Sawyer Feb29th 1887 ALLST
Gibson William Henry Henry & Eliza   East Clevedon Gardener Jul19th 1868 ALLST
Gibson Charles James Edward & Eliza     Mason's Labourer Apr26th 1880 STAN
Gibson Chrisopher John John & Mary Elizabeth     Labourer June13th 1873 STAN
Gibson Elsie Elizabeth Samuel James & Fanny     Labourer Oct28th 1888 STAN
Gibson Emily Margaret Henry & Eliza     Gardener Apr9th 1880 STAN
Gibson Florence Louise Edward William & Eliza Jane     Labourer Oct28th 1881 STAN
Gibson Harriet Mary Edward William & Eliza Jane     Mason's Labourer July25th 1884 STAN
Gibson John Henry & Eliza     Gardener Oct29th 1882 STAN
Gibson Kate Henry & Eliza     Gardener Dec25thj 1884 STAN
Gibson Mabel Alice Samuel James & Fanny     Farm Labourer Dec31st 1886 STAN
Gibson Mary Jane Henry & Eliza     Gardener Dec30th 1877 STAN
Gibson William John & Mary Elizabeth     Gardener Jan15th 1875 STAN
Gibson William John Samuel James & Fanny     Farm Labourer Sept27th 1885 STAN
Gibson Arthur Kenneth Roy Arthur Edwin & Gladys May   30 Stroud Rd Labourer Apr15th 1923 STAN
Gibson Brian John Walter Frank & Helen Dorothy   Melrose Timber thrower Nov20th 1927 STAN
Gibson Clarice Newes Eileen Arthur Edwin & Gladys May   11 Glebe Terrace Labourer July27th 1924SP STAN
Gibson Joyce Esme Josephine Edward Henry & Doris   28 Old St Labourer May6th 1923 STAN
Gibson Percy Frank Henry Ernest & Louisa   24 Old Church Rd Hairdreser Dec7th 1904SP STAN
Gibson Winifred Audrey Edward Henry & Doris   28 Old St Railway man Oct5th 1924 STAN
Gibson Charles Albert Ellen     9thNov 1890 STJN
Gibson Ernest Albert Ellen     9thJul 1892 STJN
Gibson Herbert George Albert Ellen     20thOct 1907 STJN
Gibson Evelyn Florence Charles James Eva Annie     19thDec 1909 STJN
Gibson Muriel Joan Charles James Eva Annie     30thMar 1913 STJN
Gibson Trevor Charles Charles Mabel     26thMay 1920 STJN
Gibson Ellen Edward William Eliza Jane     29thApr 1887 STJN
Gibson Edward William Edward William Eliza Jane     22ndMar 1890 STJN
Gibson Edward William Edward William Eliza Jane     9thMay 1891 STJN
Gibson Gilbert Edward William Eliza Jane     30thMar 1894 STJN
Gibson Walter Edward William Eliza Jane     20thMar 1896 STJN
Gibson Rose George Lydia     10thFeb 1878 STJN
Gibson Eliza Henry Eliza     26thFeb 1888 STJN
Gibson Mary John Mary     9thJan 1911 STJN
Gibson Harold Victor Samuel James       27thJan 1894 STJN
Gibson Reginald Stanley Samuel James Fanny     27thApr 1890 STJN
Gibson Rosina Annie Samuel James Fanny     16thMar 1891 STJN
Gibson Wallace Bernard Samuel James Fanny     14thMay 1891 STJN
Gibson Herbert Roland Edward Samuel James Fanny     26thMar 1893 STJN
Gibson Clifford Norman Samuel James Fanny     27thSept 1896 STJN
Gibson Anthony Gerald Samuel Fanny     27thJan 1895 STJN
Gibson Thomas Thomas Annie     20thOct 1901 STJN
Gibson Rosina May Thomas Mary Ann     30thJun 1907 STJN
Gibson Nellie Priscilla Thomas Mary Ann     30thJan 1910 STJN
Gibson Edward George Ralph Thomas Mary Ann     19thOct 1911 STJN
Gibson Mona Violetta Thomas Mary Ann     22ndNov 1914 STJN
Gibson Annie Eliza Tom Mary Ann     8thFeb 1903 STJN
Gibson Doris Kathleen Tom Mary Ann     11thMay 1905 STJN
Gibson [24-1-00] Edward Henry William Henry Eleanor Kate     14thJan 1912 STJN
Gibson [4-9-96] Walter Frank William Henry Eleanor Kate     17thMar 1912 STJN
Gibson [5-10-98] Arthur Edwin William Henry Eleanor Kate     14thJan 1912 STJN
Gibson... Christopher John Frdk John & Mary Elizabeth     Milk Seller Aug29th 1886 STAN
Gilbert Elizabeth John Gilbert [gent]       ? 4th 1611 STAN
Gilbert Marion Alice Coltrip James Godfrey Alice     23rdNov 1883 STJN
Gilbert Coltripp St Michael Coltrip James Godfrey Alice     26thDec 1886 STJN
Gilbert William Henry Evan James Kate Elizabeth     19thSept 1893 STJN
Gilbert Thomas Joseph Evan James Kate Elizabeth     24thMar 1896 STJN
Gilbert Walter John Harry Elsie Gertrude     1stJun 1913 STJN
Giles Edward James John & Elizabeth Sarah     Baker June6th 1852 STAN
Giles Thomas Henry John & Elizabeth Sarah     Baker Sept12th 1850 STAN
Giles [23-12-02] Arthur Reginald Frank Elizabeth Sarah Ann     22ndDec 1910 STJN
Giles [24-11-00] Albert James Frank Elizabeth Sarah Ann     22ndDec 1910 STJN
Giles [30-12-05] Eric George Frank Elizabeth Sarah Ann     22ndDec 1910 STJN
Giles [4-3-99] Frank Edwin Frank Elizabeth Sarah Ann     22ndDec 1910 STJN
Gillard Ivor George Ernest Fred & Gladys   Norfolk House Labourer July30th 1933SP STAN
Gillard Ethel Joyce Frank Catharine     18thAug 1912 STJN
Gillard Arthur George Frank Catharine     23rdMay 1909 STJN
Gillard Leonard Raymond Frank Catharine     30thOct 1910 STJN
Gillard Leslie Jack Frank Catherine     17thNov 1907 STJN
Gillett Dorothy May Charles Alice May     28thJun 1903 STJN
Gingell Edith Doris Benjamin & Carrie Maria     Labourer Dec31st 1899 STAN
Gingell Henry Dudley Benjamin & Edith Mary     Labourer Dec27th 1896 STAN
Gingell Paula? Gwendoline Harry Charles & Annie     Coachman Oct27th 1901SP STAN
Glash Charles John Edwin & Priscilla     Shoemaker May10th 1857 STAN
Glenville Ethel Maud John & Mary     Mason May29th 1870 STAN
Glenville Minnie John & Mary     Mason May29th 1870 STAN
God[d]ing Edith Eliza Oliver & Maria     Painter Aug27th 1876 STAN
Godd Ann James Godd   Clevedon Curate Apr3rd 1635 STAN
Godd Susanna John Godd & Jane   Clevedon Curate Jan21st 1640 STAN
Godding Albert Edward Oliver Edward & Maria     Painter Sept9th 1881 STAN
Godding Beatrice Lilly Oliver Edwin & Maria     Painter Oct29th 1882 STAN
Godding Edith Eliza Oliver Edwin & Maria     Painter Apr11th 1879 STAN
Godding Maud Emily Oliver Edwin & Maryia     Painter Jan25th 1885 STAN
Godding Tom Oliver Edwin & Maria     Painter Mar31st 1878 STAN
Godding William Edgar William Oliver & Sarah     House Decorator Apr3rd 1891 STAN
Godding Ernest Frederick James William Oliver & Sarah     Painter June22nd 1894 STAN
Godding Alfred Graham Thomas Georgina     26thJan 1916 STJN
Godding Gertrude Evelyn Tom Georgina     21stFeb 1909 STJN
Godding Thomas George William Tom Georgina     12thMay 1911 STJN
Godding Ena Maud Tom Georgine Louisa Elizabeth     5thJul 1906 STJN
Godding Ernest Walter Eliza     4thJan 1880 STJN
Godding Evelyn Mary William Oliver Sarah     25thFeb 1899 STJN
Godding [7-1-04] Beryl Sadie Tom Georgine Louisa Elizabeth     5thJul 1906 STJN
Godwin Cuthbert Blair John & Amelia   The Brow Gent Dec24th 1891 ALLST
Godwin Charles Blair John & Amelia   East Clevedon Gent Dec31st 1884 ALLST
Godwin Raymond Frank Frank & Helen   Stroud Rd Bootworker June12th 1910 STAN
Golding Cyril Donald Roger & Florence   Beach House Labourer Aug16th 1918SP STAN
Golding Edward Colin Ewart Frank & Alice Irene   70 Old Ch Rd Builder Sept10th 1933 STAN
Golding Marion Irene Ewart Frank & Alice Irene   70 Old Church Rd Engineer Aug19th 1928 STAN
Golding Thomas Frank Ewart Frank & Alice Irene   Bristol Stationer Dec30th 1923 STAN
Golding Arthur George Grantley Selina     7thOct 1906 STJN
Golding Ernest William Grantley Selina     25thApr 1909 STJN
Golding Kathleen Florence May Grantly Selina     24thMar 1912 STJN
Golding Mary Florence Roger Florence Ethel Rosina     29thJun 1914 STJN
Golding William Frederick Redvers Roger Florence Rose Ethel     31stMar 1900 STJN
Golding Frederick Dennis Roger Florence Rosina Ethel     21stJun 1906 STJN
Gomer Ann Richard & Mary     Mason May17th 1833 STAN
Gomer James Richard & Mary     Mason Nov26th 1826 STAN
Gomer John Richard & Mary     Mason Dec4th 1835 STAN
Gomer Sarah Richard & Mary     Mason Mar23rd 1829 STAN
Gooding Clara Ann Abraham & Anne   Clevedon Labourer May9th 1867 ALLST
Gooding Alice James & Harriet     Labourer Dec25th 1864 STAN
Gooding Ronald Jack Frank & Cecila Anne     Gardener Aug28th 1898 STAN
Gooding Edward James George & Annie     Plumber July6th 1888 STAN
Gooding Emma James & Harriet     Labourer Nov13th 1857 STAN
Gooding Ernest Graham Frank & Celia Annie     Gardener Nov16th 1899 STAN
Gooding Frank James & Harriet     Labourer Aug25th 1872 STAN
Gooding Fred James & Harriet     Labourer Feb26th 1860 STAN
Gooding George James & Harriet     Labourer Apr6th 1862 STAN
Gooding Harold Frank Frank & Cecila Annie     Gardener Sept27th 1896 STAN
Gooding Harriet Jane Abraham & Ann     Porter Oct26th 1873 STAN
Gooding Harry Abraham & Ann     Porter Oct1st 1871 STAN
Gooding Kate James & Harriet     Labourer Mar15th 1868 STAN
Gooding Mary Ann Abraham & Ann     Porter Sept5th 1869 STAN
Gooding Tom James & Harriet     Labourer Nov4th 1855 STAN
Gooding Beatrice Maud Samuel & Frances Maud   13 Chapel Hill Carrier May19th 1912 STAN
Gooding Charles Edward Samuel & Frances Maud   20 Stroud Rd Soldier Oct18th 1915SP STAN
Gooding Winifred Blanche Samuel & Maude   20 Stroud Rd Labourer Oct1st 1910SP STAN
Gooding Samuel Douglas Samuel Frances Maud     30thOct 1918 STJN
Goodliffe Annie Isabel Charles Henry Alice Isabel     21stJan 1915 STJN
Goodliffe Walter Sydney Charles Henry Alice Isabella     14thFeb 1912 STJN
Goodliffe Olive Beatrice George H Annie E     27thMay 1915 STJN
Goodliffe George Henry George Annie Elizabeth     4thJul 1911 STJN
Goodliffe Olive May Henry Alice     18thMar 1897 STJN
Goodliffe Alice Mary Henry Alice     16thSept 1909 STJN
Goodliffe [10-3-10] Mary Alice Elizabeth Charles Henry Alice Isabella     22ndFeb 1912 STJN
Goodliffe [12-12-99] Gilbert Henry Alice     16thSept 1909 STJN
Goodman Edith William & Martha   East Clevedon Grocer Apr28th 1889 ALLST
Goodwin Annie William & Martha   East Clevedon Grocer Mar1st 1891 ALLST
Gordon Kenneth Darley Stanley Douglas & Marguerite Darley     Hotel Manager Feb17th 1905SP STAN
Gosling [25-2-68] Alice Ann Mark Mary Ann     27thFeb 1882 STJN
Gough Fanny Daniel & Elizabeth     Shoemaker Mar4th 1849 STAN
Gould William George Moses & Selina   East Clevedon Tinsmith Mar6th 1870 ALLST
Gould Alice Annie Moses & Selina     Tinman Sept8th 1867 STAN
Gould Clara Hannah Moses & Selina     Tinman Apr27th 1873 STAN
Gould Edith Mabel Moses & Selina     Whitesmith June12th 1885 STAN
Gould George William Moses & Selina     Whitesmith Aug10th 1883 STAN
Gould Helen Moses & Selina     Whitesmith Jan29th 1882 STAN
Gould Nellie Lethbridge Charles & Sarah     Carpenter Nov25th 1881 STAN
Gould Selina Lucy Moses & Selina     Whitesmith Jan31st 1875 STAN
Gould Walter Henry Charles Moses & Selina     Smith Jan28th 1872 STAN
Gould Lucy Lynne Walter Henry Charles & Clara Ethel+   Bristol Postman Mar24th 1907 STAN
Gould Phyllis Clara Louise George Wllm & Ethel Diniford   45 Ken Rd Compositor June9th 1907 STAN
Gould Queenie Alexandra Henry Mary     13thJun 1904 STJN
Gould Ruby William Annie     10thNov 1911 STJN
Gould [1-2-07] Nelson William Annie     10thNov 1911 STJN
Gould [2-6-92] William Henry Redvers Henry Mary     13thJun 1904 STJN
Goulding Doris Winifred Grace Roger Florence     4thJan 1911 STJN
Goulding Stanley George Roger Florence R.C.     7thAug 1909 STJN
Goulding Lilian Alice Maud Roger Florence Rose Ethel     4thNov 1901 STJN
Goulding Phyllis Emily Roger Florence Rosina Ethel     22ndJan 1904 STJN
Graham Matilda Alice William & Matilda   East Clevedon Policeman Jul31st 1865 ALLST
Granecome Courtney Leonard Henry & Kate     Porter Sept25th 1892 STAN
Granecome Conrad Willie Henry & Kate     Porter Aug30th 1896 STAN
Granger Simon Simon & Martha     Rail Police Dec17th 1848 STAN
Granicombe Edith Isabell James & Isabella     Mason Nov6th 1870 STAN
Grannicom Francis Cyril Henry & Kate     Porter July27th 1890 STAN
Grant Campbell Thomas & Sarah Helen     Chemist Aug30th 1885 STAN
Grant Mary Thomas & Sarah Helen     Chemist Oct26th 1884 STAN
Grant Olive Paterson Thomas Helen     3rdJun 1894 STJN
Grant Stuart Thomas Sarah Helen     13thJun 1888 STJN
Grant Marjory Thomas Sarah Helen     5thFeb 1890 STJN
Grant Ruth Ysobel Thomas Sarah Helen     26thAug 1891 STJN
Gravell David John Cyril Ronald & Edith Dorothy   22 Griffin Rd Soldier Mar30th 1929SP STAN
Gravells Joan Elizabeth Cyril Ronald & Edith Dorothy   100 Old Church Rd Soldier Sept28th 1918 STAN
Gray Alfred Edward William & Emma     Mason Oct22nd 1865 STAN
Gray Emma Jane William & Emma     Mason Oct22nd 1865 STAN
Gray Henrietta Alice Henry & Eliza     Tailor May26th 1867 STAN
Gray Henry William & Emma     Mason May27th 1855 STAN
Gray William John & Eliza     Labourer Aug26th 1860 STAN
Gray William William & Emma     Mason Oct22nd 1865 STAN
Gray Arthur William James & Mary   118 Old Church Rd Carter Sept25th 1904 STAN
Gray Charles Victor William James & Mary   118 Old Church Rd Carter Sept25th 1904 STAN
Gray Elfreda Gladys William James & Mary   118 Old Church Rd Carter Sept25th 1904 STAN
Gray Reginald Wlm Jay Sydney Oliver & Violet Kathleen   27 Old Ch Rd Draughtsman Oct7th 1922 STAN
Gray Mary Isabel Henry Eliza     5thNov 1876 STJN
Greaves Mabel Lucy Ernest Henry & Mabel. Westbury   Old Ch Rd Commercial Trav. Dec18th 1909SP STAN
Green Alfred George George & Emma     Mason July30th 1876 STAN
Green Dorothy William Albert & Louisa Anne     Builder Feb22nd 1891 STAN
Green Eveline Gerturde William Albert & Sarah     Builder Apr25th 1884 STAN
Green George Arthur William Albert & Sarah     Builder Oct28th 1880 STAN
Green William Haviland William Albert & Sarah     Builder June29th 1883 STAN
Green Keneth Charles Harry Riches & Mabel   19 Old Church Rd Dentist Aug12th 1930 STAN
Green Edward Alexander Walter Fanny Elizabeth     1stFeb 1903 STJN
Gren Julia Mabel Ernest Violet Janet     16thApr 1922 STJN
Grey Hilda Winifred Charles & harriet   East Clevedon gardener May24th 1891 ALLST
Grey Marian Grace George & Sarah   East Clevedon Gardener Oct21st 1882 ALLST
Grey Francis George George & Sarah   East Clevedon Gardener Apr20th 1884 ALLST
Grey Samuel George Henry & Eliza   Clevedon Tailor Oct11th 1872 ALLST
Grey Eliza Jane John & Eliza   East Clevedon Bellringer Dec3rd 1862 ALLST
Grey Charles John & Eliza   East Clevedon Labourer Feb1st 1865 ALLST
Grey Ada John & Eliza   East Clevedon Labourer Feb1st 1865 ALLST
Grey John John & Eliza   East Clevedon Labourer Feb14th 1868 ALLST
Grey Henry John & Eliza   East Clevedon Labourer Jan20th 1870 ALLST
Grey Frank John & Eliza   East Clevedon Bellringer All Sts Dec25th 1871 ALLST
Grey Charles Henry Henry & Eliza     Tailor Aug6th 1865 STAN
Grey Ernest Robert Henry & Eliza     Tailor Mar20th 1870 STAN
Grey Florence Emily Henry & Eliza     Tailor June298th 1874 STAN
Grey Eliza Charles Harriet     25thMar 1893 STJN
Grey William George Henry Eliza     29thSept 1878 STJN
Grey Margaret Mary Lancelot Ernest Bessie     18thApr 1926 STJN
Grey Desmond Ernest Lancelot Bessie     29thMay 1927 STJN
Grey Gordon Lancelot Lancelot Bessie     13thMay 1928 STJN
Grey Joan Florence Lancelot Bessie     9thFeb 1930 STJN
Grey Lancelot Ernest Conybeare William George Emily Elizabeth     13thApr 1902 STJN
Grey Muriel Joyce William George Emily Elizabeth     11thFeb 1906 STJN
Grey John Gordon William George Emily Elizabeth     21stDec 1913 STJN
Griffin Albert Thomas Macey Thomas & Sarah     Yeoman Feb22nd 1863 STAN
Griffin Charles James & Mary     Farmer Mar2nd 1837 STAN
Griffin Charles John & Martha     Farmer Jan8th 1818 STAN
Griffin Eliza Emma base child of?       Dec9th 1832 STAN
Griffin Eliza John & Edith     Farmer Feb9th 1829 STAN
Griffin Eliza9-8-01 John & Martha       June14th 1802 STAN
Griffin Elizabeth William & Sally       Dec12th 1790 STAN
Griffin Ellen John & Brunetta     Yeoman Feb20th 1855 STAN
Griffin Emma John & Martha     Farmer Mar2nd 1813 STAN
Griffin George12-9-03 John & Martha       Dec31st 1804 STAN
Griffin Hannah William & Sarah       June2nd 1782 STAN
Griffin Harriot3-12-95 John & Martha       Jan8th 1798 STAN
Griffin Henry George & Ann     Butcher July25th 1838 STAN
Griffin Henry John & Martha       Jan12th 1806 STAN
Griffin Henry Charles Thomas & Ann     Gardener Apr22nd 1855 STAN
Griffin Isabella James & Mary     Farmer Oct21st 1835 STAN
Griffin James Thomas & Ann   Banwell Labourer Oct7th 1860 STAN
Griffin Jane Ann George & Ann     Butcher July12th 1835 STAN
Griffin Jane20-4-09 Joseph & Hannah       Jan1st 1810 STAN
Griffin John John & Martha       Oct27th 1799 STAN
Griffin Joseph Oliver Jones Thomas & Sarah     Yeoman Jan8th 1865 STAN
Griffin Joseph16-11-97 John & Martha       Jan8th 1798 STAN
Griffin Louisa6-9-09 John & Martha       Jan1st 1810 STAN
Griffin Mary George & Ann     Butcher Mar20th 1842 STAN
Griffin Mary John & Martha       Dec23rd 1794 STAN
Griffin Mary William & Sarah       May20th 1794 STAN
Griffin Mary Ann28-3-07 John & Martha       Apr26th 1807 STAN
Griffin Rachael14-9-96 William & Sarah       Mar10th 1798 STAN
Griffin Rosa Ann Mogg Thomas & Sarah     Yeoman May19th 1861 STAN
Griffin Samuel William & Mary       Jan7th 1803 STAN
Griffin Samuel Bird James & Mary     Farmer Mar18th 1834 STAN
Griffin Sarah William & Sarah       June13th 1784 STAN
Griffin Sarah & William William & Sarah       Jan10th 1790 STAN
Griffin Sarah Elizabeth Thomas & Sarah     Yeoman Dec26th 1869 STAN
Griffin Thomas Joseph & Ann     Farmer Nov22nd 1831 STAN
Griffin Thomas Parnell John & Brunetta     Yeoman Aug26th 1856 STAN
Griffin William Joseph & Hannah       Jan16th 1811 STAN
Griffin Annie Ruth William John Louisa     29thNov 1891 STJN
Griffin Louisa May William John Louisa     14thFeb 1893 STJN
Griffin Frederick William William John Louisa     26thJan 1895 STJN
Griffith Herbert Charles Herbert Edith Anne     16thSept 1894 STJN
Griffith Evelyn Charles Herbert Edith Anne     25thAug 1895 STJN
Griffith Catherine Mary Charles Herbert Edith Anne     8thDec 1897 STJN
Griffith Paul Charles Herbert Edith Anne     29thSept 1899 STJN
Griffith Alfred John William John Emily     28thJul 1883 STJN
Griffiths Pauline Mary Llewllyn Gordon Llewllyn & Edith Elsie     York Hotel Prop. Mar8th 1928 STAN
Grigory Hannah Daniel & Hannah       July3rd 1776 STAN
Grisedale-Coulton Olive Messines Thomas & Olive Kathleen   Peterhurst Cottage Soldier Mar9th 1919 STAN
Grobham Thomas Thomas Grobham       Apr2nd 1629 STAN
Grotton Ada Maude William George & Sarah     Cabinet Maker Apr1st 1889 STAN
Grundy Wilfred Stanley Samuel Frederick & Alice   National School Schoolmaster June4th 1914 STAN
Guest Louisa George & Eliza     Haulier Aug22nd 1884 STAN
Guest Selina George & Eliza     Haulier Jan28th 1883 STAN
Guest Alice Mary George Eliza     13thJun 1887 STJN
Guest Florence George Eliza     28thMar 1890 STJN
Guest Edith Ann George Eliza     9thMay 1891 STJN
Guest Rosina George Eliza     17thSept 1892 STJN
Guest Harriet George Eliza     3rdDec 1893 STJN
Guest Henry George George Eliza     10thAug 1895 STJN
Guest [marked entered wrong place] Henry James Charles Eliza     10thJan 1886 STJN
Gulliford Wallace Owen Henry Owen Louise     13thSept 1905 STJN
Gulliford Grace Owen Henry Louisa     9thOct 1912 STJN
Gulliford Joyce Owen Henry Louisa     16thApr 1919 STJN
Gulliford Doris Mary Owen Henry Louise     6thNov 1907 STJN
Gulliford [26-9-10] Owen Owen Henry Louisa     9thOct 1912 STJN
Guy William George Campbell Elisha George & Caroline Elbth   Swindon Grocer June29th 1877 STAN


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