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Weddings at St Andrews, 1758 to 1836

Name Status Occupation Residence Date
Smith Samuel S   Clevedon Apr13th1757
Jones Sarah S   Clevedon Apr13th1757
Hayman Daniel W   Clevedon May24th1758
Sprud Anne S   Clevedon May24th1758
Williams John W   Clevedon Nov6th1759
Buck Sarah S   Clevedon Nov6th1759
Brock John S   Clevedon Jun22nd1760
Neathway Martha S   Clevedon Jun22nd1760
Bamfield James S   Clevedon Oct6th1756
Wallis Hannah S   Clevedon Oct6th1756
Hayman Daniel W   Clevedon Dec28th1760
Herniman Dinah S   Clevedon Dec28th1760
Sperring Edward S   Ken Jun10th1761
Tutten Ann S   Clevedon Jun10th1761
Batten Jacob S   Clevedon Oct1St1761
Cane Nany S   Clevedon Oct1St1761
Palfry John S   Clevedon Oct24th1761
Alvis Elizabeth S   Clevedon Oct24th1761
Smith George W   Portishead Feb2nd1762
Sumnor Ann S   Clevedon Feb2nd1762
Bartlett Thomas W   Clevedon Oct19th1762
Cole Joanna W   Clevedon Oct19th1762
Norris John S   Donyatt Mar13th1768
Brook Mary     Clevedon Mar13th1768
Vowles George S   Wraxall Apr12th1763
Griffin Mary S   Clevedon Apr12th1763
Cook John S   Banwell Mar1St1764
Heales Hannah W   Clevedon Mar1Sy1764
Neads Samuel S   Ken May8th1764
Hammett Mary S   Clevedon May8th1764
James Thomas S   yatton Apr9th1765
Raines Ann S   Clevedon Apr9th1765
Wilson James S   Wraxall Dec10th1765
Beven Mary S   Clevedon Dec10th1765
Hedges Charles S   walton May11th1766
Cox Mary S   Clevedon May11th1766
Window Samuel S   Clevedon Dec24th1767
Watts Mary S   Clevedon Dec24th1767
Beven Thomas S Husbandman Clevedon Mar7th1762
Williams Sarah W   Clevedon Mar7th1762
Hamlin William S   St George Oct7th1768
Pommeroy Jane S   Clevedon Oct7th1768
Beavin David S   Clevedon Sep11th1769
Williams Martha S   Clevedon Sep11th1769
Pomeroy George S   Clevedon Mar8th1770
Hammett Sarah S   Clevedon Mar8th1770
Bowles Oldfield S   Nth Aston Oxford Oct29th1770
Elton Mary S   Clevedon Oct29th1770
Doggett James S   Clevedon Apr10th1771
Dean Mary Meriam S   Clevedon Apr10th1771
Tinklin John S   Clevedon Oct1st1771
Locke Elizabeth S   Clevedon Oct1st1771
Hanckhorn John S Labourer Clevedon Oct28th1771
Pope Dinah S   Clevedon Oct28th1771
Durban John S Grazier Clevedon Mar31s1772
Child Sarah S   Clevedon Mar31st1772
Huis George S Shoemaker Clevedon Mar29th1773
Yoscombe Anna S   Clevedon Mar29th1773
Day Emmanuel S   Clevedon May31st1773
Hamlin Betty S   Clevedon May31st1773
Hollyman John S Farmer Clevedon Sept7th1773
Churchus Hannah S   Clevedon Sept7th1773
Jones Thomas S Carpenter Clevedon Sept7th1773
Tovey Hannah S   Clevedon Sept7th1773
Neads John S Husbandman Clevedon Apr9th1774
Rattle Rebeckah S   Clevedon Apr9th1774
Walker Thomas S   Ken Jun29th1775
White Ann w   Clevedon Jun29th1775
Griffin William S Husbandman Clevedon Feb26th1776
Limborrow Mary S   Clevedon Feb26th1776
Elton Abraham S Gentleman Clevedon Nov7th1776
Durbin Elizabeth S   Walton Nov7th1776
Cate William S Husbandman Ashton Apr1st1777
Stokes Mary S   Clevedon Apr1st1777
Thorne William S Mason Clevedon Apr6th1777
Hayman Sarah S   Clevedon Apr6th1777
Coles George S Labourer Clevedon Sept9th1777
Simmons mary S   Clevedon Sept9th1777
Hammett Richard S Husbandman Clevedon Apr20th1778
Tuckey Flower S   Clevedon Apr20th1778
Cloage James S Husbandman Clevedon Apr26th1779
Hoarth Sarah S   Clevedon Apr26th1779
Young Thomas S Labourer Clevedon Sep27th1779
Sumnor Joan S   Clevedon Sep27th1779
Allen Robert S Labourer Clevedon Sep27th1779
Allen Elizabeth S   Clevedon Sep27th1779
Neades William S   Clevedon Apr10th1780
Stallard Pheobe S   Clevedon Apr10th1780
Gould George S   Clevedon Jul24th1780
Haines Elizabeth S   Clevedon Jul24th1780
Jones Jacob S   Clevedon Oct8th1780
Andrews Martha S   Clevedon Oct8th1780
Thomas William S   Clevedon Oct23rd1780
Beavans Martha S   Clevedon Oct23rd1780
Neads John S   Clevedon Mar30th1783
Gully Betty S   Ken Mar30th1783
Witherall George S   Clevedon Apr17th1783
Young Sarah S   Clevedon Apr17th1783
Cavill James S   Clevedon May19th1783
Atheridge (H)Ester S   Clevedon May19th1783
Cook Edward S   Clevedon Jun12th1783
Witherall Betty S   Clevedon Jun12th1783
Carey John S   Backwell Apr12th1784
Thorn Betty S   Clevedon Apr12th1784
Summer Joseph S   Clevedon May29th1784
Roe Susanna S   Clevedon May29th1784
Kitchen William S   North weston Mar28th1785
Summers Hannah S   Clevedon Mar28th1785
Goslen John S   Ken Jun30th1785
Hemlen Eve S   Clevedon Jun30th1785
Hunt James S   Clevedon Oct2nd1785
Banfield Hannah S   Clevedon Oct2nd1785
James John S   Clevedon Mar13th1786
Wylls Jane S   Clevedon Mar13th1786
Hayman William S Husbandman Clevedon Apr24th1786
Hillman Flower S   Clevedon Apr24th1786
Brown Henry S   Clevedon Apr3rd1787
Bivin Hester S   Clevedon Apr3rd1787
Summers George S   Clevedon Apr10th1788
Spear Ruth S   Clevedon Apr10th1788
Sumner William S   Clevedon Sep22nd1788
Hedge Mary S   Clevedon Sep22nd1788
Heal Samuel W   Clevedon Oct10th1789
Day Spraxey S   Clevedon Oct10th1789
Pritchard Abraham S   Walton Dec7th1789
Griffin Nancy S   Clevedon Dec7th1789
Wiles Francis S   Clevedon Mar8th1790
Hayman Ann S   Clevedon Mar8th1790
Harris Joseph S   Ken Apr5th1790
Davies Mary S   Clevedon Apr5th1790
Hollyman Thomas S   Clevedon Aug12th1790
Wall Hannah S   Clevedon Aug12th1790
Hollyman Samuel S Gentleman Clevedon Dec1st1790
Wall Ann S   Puxton Dec1st1790
Griffin Joseph S   Clevedon Feb7th1791
Wall Hannah S   Clevedon Feb7th1791
Hayman Daniel S   Clevedon Oct21st1792
Tovey Jane S   Clevedon Oct21st1792
Masters Robert S   Clevedon Apr11th1793
Thorn Sarah S   Clevedon Apr11th1793
Knight James S   Clevedon Sep29th1793
Neades Mary S   Clevedon Sep29th1793
Griffin John S   Clevedon Nov18th1793
Hollyman Martha S   Clevedon Nov18th1793
Jakeways Robert S   Nailsea Mar31st1794
James Sussanah S   Clevedon Mar31st1794
Rowley Thomas S   Kingston Seamoor Apr21st1794
Kincott Martha S   Clevedon Apr21st1794
Onion Charles S   Walton Jul20th1794
Scriffing Jane S   Clevedon Jul20th1794
Cullifer Thomas S   Clevedon Oct5th1794
Summers Sarah S   Clevedon Oct5th1794
Hedges John S   Clevedon Jul26th1796
Griffin Sarah S   Clevedon Jul26th1796
Turner William S   Clevedon Nov12th1797
Rodford Mary S   Clevedon Nov12th1797
Warn John S   Ken Apr9th1798
James Sarah S   Clevedon Apr9th1798
Hayman Richard S   Clevedon Apr9th1798
Doggett Elizabeth S   Clevedon Apr9th1798
Millard William S   Clevedon Sep6th1798
Noble Susannah S   Clevedon Sep6th1798
Wiles James S   Clevedon Dec31st1798
Hain Hannah S   Clevedon Dec31st1798
Griffin William S   Clevedon Mar26th1799
Young Mary S   Clevedon Mar26th1799
Macey Joseph S   Congresbury Sep14th1799
Wall Mary S   Clevedon Sep14th1799
Jones Isaac S   Clevedon Jun5th1800
Collins Betty S   Clevedon Jun5th1800
Denmead Robert S   Clevedon Apr6th1801
Cate Sarah S   Clevedon Apr6th1801
Brown William S   Yatton Oct15th1801
Watts Betty S   Clevedon Oct15th1801
Broackes Richard S   Kingston Jan31st1802
Hollyman Hannah S   Clevedon Jan31st1802
Feltham Edward S   Clevedon Apr11th1802
Durban Ann S   Clevedon Apr11th1802
Millard William S   Clevedon May27th1802
Phillips Lovey S   Clevedon May27th1802
Jennings William S   Kingston Seymour Jun27th1803
Wilds Mary S   Clevedon Jun27th1803
Pick William S   Clevedon Jul15th1803
Hammett Betty S   Clevedon Jul15th1803
Cate William S   Clevedon Oct6th1803
Hewlett Betty S   Clevedon Oct6th1803
Durban Henry S   Clevedon Apr5th1804
Nicholas Elizabeth S   Clevedon Apr5th1804
Hamlin James S   Clevedon Jun3rd1805
Pool Martha S   Ken Jun3rd1805
Parsley John S   Portishead Jul29th1805
Hollyman Sarah S   Clevedon Jul29th1805
Hallam Henry S Gent Inner Temple Jan25th1807
Elton Julia Maria S   Clevedon Jan25th1807
Durbin William S   Nailsea Mar28th1808
James Elizabeth S   Clevedon Mar28th1808
Alvis Samuel S   Clevedon Apr3rd1808
Buster Elizabeth S   Clevedon Apr3rd1808
Harvey Samuel S   Clevedon Apr3rd1809
Beecham Sarah S   Clevedon Apr3rd1809
Budding John S   Clevedon May7th1809
Beaumont Margaret S   Clevedon May7th1809
Coles William S   Clevedon Jul2nd1810
Cate Hester S   Clevedon Jul2nd1810
Manning John S   Burrington Nov19th1810
Doggett Sarah S   Clevedon Nov19th1810
Kiddell William S   Tickenham Jun17th1811
Griffin Mary S   Clevedon Jun17th1811
Alvis Samuel S   Wraxall Apr18th1812
Doggett Hester S   Clevedon Apr18th1812
Havard William S   Clevedon Oct1st1812
Hole Pheobe S   Clevedon Oct1st1812
Rogers John S   Weston-in-Gordano Oct18th1815
Loscombe Mary S   Clevedon Oct18th1815
Pritchard John S   Portishead Jan2nd1816
Griffin Harriet S   Clevedon Jan2nd1816
Hayes Robert S Labourer Clevedon Feb19th1816
Walker Hannah S   Clevedon Feb19th1816
Fry James S   Congresbury Mar4th1816
Kate Elizabeth S   Clevedon Mar4th1816
Waite Michael S   Tickenham Apr3rd1816
Winsor Sarah S   Clevedon Apr3rd1816
Neads Samuel S   Clevedon Apr3rd1816
Stebbins Elizabeth S   Clevedon Apr3rd1816
Lee William S   Nailsea Jun3rd1816
White Fanny S   Clevedon Jun3rd1816
Williams John S   Yatton Jul29th1816
Masters Ann S   Clevedon Jul29th1816
Jolliff George S   Clevedon Sep23rd1816
Young Ann S   Clevedon Sep23rd1816
Young William S   Nailsea Mar8th1817
Griffin Hannah S   Clevedon Mar8th1817
Williams Thomas S   Clevedon Mar8th1817
Orney (Arney?)Elizabeth S   Clevedon Mar8th1817
Mitchell Joseph S   Ken Apr14th1817
Neades Mary S   Clevedon Apr14th1817
Pomroy Edward S   Clevedon May14th1817
Scorse Ann S   Clevedon May14th1817
Hollyman Charles S   Clevedon Apr7th1818
Griffin Eliza S   Clevedon Apr7th1818
Cook Edward S   Clevedon May7th1818
Vowles Dianna S   Clevedon May7th1818
Cook George S   Clevedon May19th1819
Havard Margaret S   Clevedon May19th1819
Cottle Richard S   Chelvey Sep15th1819
Griffin Sarah S   Clevedon Sep15th1819
House William S   Clevedon Oct24th1819
Wisp Mary S   Clevedon Oct24th1819
Hazell Richard S   Yatton Jul2nd1820
Griffin Sarah S   Clevedon Jul2nd1820
Lawrence Arthur Sealey S   Brecon Sep14th1822
Malbon Jane w   Clevedon Sep14th1822
Dashfield William S   Clapton Oct31st1822
Sumner Hester S   Clevedon Oct31st1822
Pope John S   Clevedon Feb3rd1823
Summers Hannah S   Clevedon Feb3rd1823
Alvis Edmund S   Clevedon Oct6th1823
WilliamsMary w   Clevedon Oct6th1823
Cos William S   Clevedon Oct11th1823
Wait Susanna S   Clevedon Oct11th1823
Merrick John S   Clevedon Mar29th1824
Day Mary Ann S   Clevedon Mar29th1824
Knight John S   Clevedon May2nd1824
Budd Eunice S   Clevedon May2nd1824
Colston John Day S   Whitchurch Jan18th1825
Grevile Mary S   Clevedon Jan18th1825
Reeve Richard S   Clevedon Mar17th1825
Hamblin Elizabeth W   Clevedon Mar17th1825
Hicks John S   Clevedon Aug24th1825
Feltham Sarah S   Clevedon Aug24th1825
Wall William S   Clevedon Mar29th1826
Dean Elizabeth S   Clevedon Mar29th1826
Fry William S   Kewstoke Apr11th1826
Havard Emma S   Clevedon Apr11th1826
Andrews Richard [Junr] S   Clevedon Apr17th1826
Durbin Hester S   Clevedon Apr17th1826
Star John S   Clevedon Mar7th1827
Coombs Sarah S   Clevedon Mar7th1827
Brown Samuel S   Clapton Apr2nd1827
Roe Sarah S   Clevedon Apr2nd1827
Horsey George S   Clevedon Apr2nd1827
Fry Scena S   Ken Apr2nd1827
Hancock Mathew S   Clevedon May5th1828
Masters Mary S   Clevedon May5th1828
Andrews John S   Clevedon Mar23rd1829
Pane Sarah S   Clevedon Mar23rd1829
Kiddell William S   Walton Jun10th1829
Griffin Mary Ann S   Clevedon Jun10th1829
Vickeradge William S   Clevedon Dec31st1829
Knowles Sarah S   Clevedon Dec31st1829
Knight Isaac S   Clevedon Mar27th1830
Hyatt Hester S   Clevedon Mar27th1830
Stone Thomas S   St Stephens Bristol Dec31st1830
Griffin Louisa S   Clevedon Dec31st1830
Davies William Edward S   St Augustines Bristol May21st1831
Wright Harriet Metford S   Clevedon May21st1831
Wall William W   Clevedon Jul25th1831
Wookey Frances S   Clevedon Jul25th1831
Alvis William S   Clevedon Dec19th1831
Suthern Mary S   Tickenham Dec19th1831
Bartlett John S   St Marys Taunton Mar3rd1832
Huckelbridge Charlotte Martha S   Clevedon Mar3rd1832
Andrews Samuel S   East Harptree Mar19th1832
Doggett Sophia S   Clevedon Mar19th1832
Board John S   St James Bristol Sep27th1832
Long Emma S   Clevedon Sep27th1832
Kiddell James S   Clevedon Jun20th1833
Kiddell Mary S   Clevedon Jun20th1833
Hare Simon W   Clevedon Jun30th1833
Gullick Juda S   Clevedon Jun30th1833
Hamlin Charles S   Clevedon Sep2nd1833
Scott S S   Clevedon Sep2nd1833
Tilly George Wilde S   Clevedon Dec25th1833
Long Anne S   Clevedon Dec25th1833
Andrews Thomas S   Clevedon Apr3rd1834
Gibbs Elizabeth S   Clevedon Apr3rd1834
Garaway James S   Westbury May1st1834
Robertson Jean S   Clevedon May1st1834
Burlton Richard S   Clevedon Jul17th1834
Legallais Margaret S   Barnstaple Jul17th1834
Rose John Colston S   Clevedon Apr17th1835
Budding Emma Frances S   Clevedon Apr17th1835
Beacham James S   Clevedon May16th1835
Hunt Hester S   Clevedon May16th1835
Norris Grevor S   Chepstow Jun2nd1835
Leathart Ellen S   Clevedon Jun2nd1835
Claxton William S   Westbury Jun9th1835
Bishop Helen Raine? S   Clevedon Jun9th1835
Cole James S   Bedminster Nov2nd1835
Morgan Ann W   Clevedon Nov2nd1835
Parsley William S   Clevedon Apr7th1836
Gibbs Sarah S   Clevedon Apr7th1836
Nichols William S   Clevedon Apr13th1836
Andrews Mary S   Clevedon Apr13th1836
Moody Benjamin S   Heytesbury Nov3rd1836
Garrett Ann S   Clevedon Nov3rd1836


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