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Weddings at St Andrews, 1837 to 1854

Name Age Occupation Residence Father Occupation Date
Youde Joseph S Labourer Clevedon Samuel Farmer Apr23rd1838
Masters Sarah S   Clevedon Robert Labourer Apr23rd1838
Somerton George S Master Builder The Beach William Plasterer Sep8th1838
Twitt Elizabeth S   Hill John Gentleman Sep8th1838
Collen James S Yeoman Clevedon James Clothier Nov13th1838
Leslie Martha W   Clevedon Thomas [Hollyman] Yeoman Nov13th1838
Gate William W Farmer Clevedon William Labourer Jan3rd1839
Pastin? Eliza S   Clevedon Francis Labourer Jan3rd1839
Carpenter George S Labourer Clevedon James Labourer Jan16th1839
Rawlings Sarah S   Clevedon William Labourer Jan16th1839
Shepherd Robert Walter + S Gent Clevedon Thomas Gent Mar20th1839
Tucker Jane Margaret + S   Clevedon John Clergyman Mar20th1839
Hill Charles James 22S Tea Dealer Clevedon Godfrey [Derrick] Gent? Jun20th1839
Williams Ann Elizabeth 20S   Clevedon Rhesa? Maltster Jun20th1839
Glanville George W Licenced Vict London Nicholas Yeaoman Oct3rd1839
Pomroy Elizabeth S   Clevedon Hugh Mason Oct3rd1839
Hollyman Henry S Painter Clevedon Samuel Farmer Apr19th1840
Arnald Sarah S   Clevedon John Soap Boiler Apr19th1840
Jarratt John S Housekeeper Clevedon Henry Painter Apr27th1840
Harris Mary S   Clevedon Thomas Servant Apr27th1840
Long James S Butcher Clevedon Richard Butcher May5th1840
Cook Hannah S   Clevedon James Carpenter May5th1840
Hole Thomas S Labourer Clevedon Richard Farmer May13th1840
Canter Ann S   Clevedon William Labourer May13th1840
Barnett William S Labourer Clevedon William Labourer May24th1840
Fllip Ann S   Clevedon James [Burge] Labourer May24th1840
Pool Thomas S Labourer Tickenham Thomas Labourer Jun1st1840
Baker Ann S   Clevedon Thomas Labourer Jun1st1840
Beloe Alfred Jolliffe S Architect Clevedon Charles ???? Dec5th1840
Wilson Dorothy Margaret W   Clevedon Joseph Wilson ??? Dec5th1840
Watkins Robert S Miller Clevedon Richard Corn Factor Apr13th1841
Andrews Sarah S   Clevedon Richard Parisah Clerk Apr13th1841
Brailey William Lovering S Farmer Tavistock Thomas Yeoman Oct2nd1841
Sprague Emma S   Clevedon John Henry? Doctor Oct2nd1841
Card Henry S Labourer Clevedon George Labourer May9th1842
Reed harriet S   Clevedon John Labourer May9th1842
Harris John W Accountant Bristol John Wine Hooper May29th1842
Griffin Jane S   Clevedon Joseph (Snr) Yeoman May29th1842
Herbert William S Gents Servt Clevedon Charles Farmer Jul14th1842
George Israel S   Clevedon William Coachman Jul14th1842
Riddle John S Gent Bristol Isaqac Yeoman Oct4th1842
Cooper Louisa Mary S   Clevedon John Thomas Gent Oct4th1842
Hartree James S Mason Clevedon George Mason May22nd1843
Masters Elizabeth S   Clevedon Robert Labourer May22nd1843
Badham Charles Adrian S Gent Clevedon Thomas Machinist May23rd1843
Rotton Emma Howse W   Clevedon John [Heatly] Merchant May23rd1843
Homer Henry S Gent Wraxall House James Edward Gent Sep18th1843
Parkinson Caroline S   Clevedon John Gent Sep18th1843
Perrett William S Carpenter Clevedon Hill John Labourer Nov9th1843
Smith Mary S   Clevedon Hill Simon Farmer Nov9th1843
Ware George S Labourer Clevedon Joseph Labourer Dec5th1843
Lyons Matilda S   Clevedon Hill Thomas Labourer Dec5th1843
Tyndall Thomas Oneciphous S Gent Clevedon Thomas DCSD Apr25th1844
Elton Caroline Lucy S   Clevedon Sir C.A. Bart Apr25th1844
Annett James S Liverystable Kpr Clevedon Thomas Dyer Apr29th1844
Hayman Ann S   Clevedon Joseph Labourer Apr29th1844
Bishop Robert S Labourer Clevedon John Labourer Jun18th1844
Hamlin Mary W   Clevedon Thomas Labourer Jun18th1844
Somerton Thomas S Builder Clevedon William Plasterer Jun29th1844
Tucker Elizabeth Lucas S   Clevedon George Master Mariner Jun29th1844
Rowley George S Labourer Clevedon George Butcher Jun30th1844
Taplin Mary Ann S   Clevedon William Labourer Jun30th1844
Jolliff Charles S Labourer Clevedon George Labourer Jul27th1844
Hill Susan S   Clevedon William Carpenter Jul27th1844
Cullinan William S Baker Wrington Stephen Gardener Mar27th1845
Pomroy Emma S   Clevedon Edward Mason Mar27th1845
Hookway Elijah W Miller Ken Humphrey MIller Apr3rd1845
Haskins Elizabeth S   Clevedon Charles Superv rd Labourers Apr3rd1845
Graham Frederick Thomas S Pawnbroker Bristol Thomas Pawnbroker Jul9th1845
Joes Louisa S   Clevedon Lewis Cabinet Maker Jul9th1845
Brittan Frederick S Doctor Clifton Michael Solicitor Aug27th1845
Thomas Eliza Drew S   Clevedon Charles Gent Aug27th1845
Harding Philip Hugo S Schoolmster Egham Thomas Druggist Sep25th1845
Lee Grace S   Clevedon William Gardener Sep25th1845
Slocomb James S Labourer Tickenham John Labourer Dec11th1845
Harris Emma S   Clevedon Nicholas Labourer Dec11th1845
Baker Samuel S Quarryman Clevedon Thomas farmer May23rd1846
Anderews Christiana S   Clevedon John Plasterer May23rd1846
Rawlings William S Engine maker Limehouse John Labourer Aug18th1846
Salmon Ann S   Clevedon Samuel Gardener Aug18th1846
Wigg Richard Horace S Accountant London Richard Miller Aug27th1846
Bell Jane Susannah S   Clevedon William Upholsterer Aug27th1846
Andrews Joseph S Painter Aston Warks. John Plasterer Oct2nd1846
Holcome Selina S   Clevedon James Gardener Oct2nd1846
Wait William S Labourer Clevedon Michael Labourer Oct11th1846
Hancock Sarah S   Clevedon William Labourer Oct11th1846
Hayes William S Seaman Clevedon Robert Gardener Oct26th1846
Fry Harriet S   Clevedon James Farmer Oct26th1846
Fry Joseph S Cattle drover Clevedon James Farmer Nov3rd1846
Harvey Sarah S   Clevedon Emmanuel Labourer Nov3rd1846
Carter t S Coalminer Paulton John Coalminer Dec19th1846
Chivers Hester S   Clevedon Sampson Coalminer Dec19th1846
Staples John S Gents servant Clevedon George Carriageowner Jul19th1847
Leyson Mary S Servant Clevedon William Labourer Jul19th1847
Poulton John W Gardener Clevedon John Builder Jan23rd1848
Arman Ann S   Clevedon Thomas Gardener Jan23rd1848
Coles George Lewis S Gent Clevedon John Jeffries Clergyman Mar20th1848
Tovey Sarah Goodyear S   Clevedon John Corydon Gent Mar20th1848
Cook John S farmer Walton-in-Gord John Yeoman May24th1848
Griffin Mary Ann S   Clevedon Joseph Yeoman May24th1848
Yard James S Grocer Clevedon John Subpostmaster Jun29th1848
Somerton Sarah S   Clevedon William Plasterer Jun29th1848
Howell Jacob S Labourer Clevedon John Labourer Jul2nd1848
Higgs Elizabeth S   Clevedon Thomas Labourer Jul2nd1848
Forbes David S Lt Colonel Clevedon John Army Capt. Sep13th1848
Clarke Angelica S   Clevedon Edward daniel Clergyman Sep13th1848
Moore Henry S Servant Clevedon William Gardener Nov20th1848
Clarke Charlotte S   Clevedon Joseph Servant Nov20th1848
Ropiter John S Taylor Clevedon John Carpenter Mar9th1849
Hawkins Anna Maria S   Clevedon George Labourer Mar9th1849
Hamper Frederick James S Tradesman Clevedon Charles Tradesman Aug1st1849
Hunt Susan S   Clevedon David Tradesman Aug1st1849
Durbin John S Brewer at Hotel Clevedon William Butcher Aug14th1849
Wingrove Eliza W   Clevedon John [Shilstone] Mastermariner Aug14th1849
Archibald david S Dr of Medicine Forfarshire Andrew Ships Carpenter Sep11th1849
Manley Ann Wemyss S   Clevedon Henry Gent Sep11th1849
Hunt Jonadab S Draper Clevedon Jonadab William Winemerchant Sep19th1849
Ham Sophia S   Clevedon James Shoe manfr Sep19th1849
Sprod James W Plumber Clevedon samuel Plumber Nov19th1849
Hayes Louisa S   Clevedon Robert Gardedner Nov19th1849
Leonard William W Mason Clevedon William Mason Dec17th1849
Hemmens Elizabeteh S   Clevedon James Labourer Dec17th1849
Lovell Henry S rail Porter St Marylebone John Smith Jan9th1850
Preedy Eliza S   Clevedon Richard Gardedner Jan9th1850
Light James W Butcher Bristol Joyhn Farmer May27th1850
Hayamn Elizabeth S   Clevedon James farmer May27th1850
Collins Charles Howell S Surgeon Chew Magna Robert Surgeon Jul6th1850
Grossett Henrietta jane S   Clevedon Walter Rear Admiral Jul6th1850
Clevely William S Shoemaker Clevedon Joseph Roger Shoemaker Jul8th1850
Ware Harriet S   Clevedon Joseph Labourer Jul8th1850
Thomas John 32S Builder Clevedon John Farmer Jul17th1850
Richards Eliza S   Clevedon John Collier Jul17th1850
Harford Joseph S Baker Clevedon Robert Labourer Sep17th1850
Andrews martha S   Clevedon James Labourer Sep17th1850
Hodges Joseph Vincent S Solicitors Clerk London John Tradesman Oct13th1850
Pople Harriet S   Clevedon Samuel Shoemaker Oct13th1850
Brennan Peter Hubert S Revenue Officer Ireland Peter Gent Feb20th1851
Tanner Mary S   Clevedon Charles Gent Feb20th1851
Maynard John S Confectioner Clevedon Thomas Baker May22nd1851
Parker Harriet S   Clevedon Robert Carpenter May22nd1851
Howell William S Soldier 81st ft Clevedon John Labourer Dec8th1851
Kitchen Eliza S   Weston-i-Gord Joseph Labourer Dec8th1851
Hancock Edward S Labourer Clevedon William Labourer Jan25th1852
Cook Jane S   Clevedon Richard Labourer Jan25th1852
Puddy Robert 23S Labourer Ken Rd Luke Labourer Apr6th1852
Star Eliza S   Clevedon Hill John Labourer Apr6th1852
Goodell William 24S Bathkeeper Bathhouse John Sadler Apr20th1852
Battershill Sarah 30S   Albert House John Farmer Apr20th1852
Lee William 24S Gardener Ilex Cottage William Gardener May6th1852
Roach Jane 25S   Clevedon Court Thomas hatter May6th1852
Vicarage Thomas 40W Shoemaker 2Union place William Labourer May25th1852
Jones Ann 41S   Mount Elton John Carpenter May25th1852
Rawlings James 21S Labourer Stonebridge William Labourer May25th1852
Horsey Hester 21S   Church rd George Labourer May25th1852
Rawlings George 22S Groom Bristol Hotel John Labourer Oct20th1852
Watts Elizabeth 19S   Cumberland Hs John Housepainter Oct20th1852
Mathews Walter 30S railway ganger Ken Rd Walter Brightsmith Jan4th1853
Rawlings Mary Ann 19S   walton rd John Labourer Jan4th1853
Lyons Thomas 22S Labourer Ken Rd Thomas Carpenter Feb7th1853
Weeks Ann 22S   Ken Rd Jonathan Labourer Feb7th1853
Locke Henry 46S leatherseller Kings hill Nailsea John Leatherseller Feb13th1853
Yeeles Hannah 42S   Beach Hse John Carpenter Feb13th1853
Holworthy Henry Adey 24S Gent York Hse Henry Thomas Gent Mar8th1853
Fowler Rosa Beatrice 25S   York Hse George Gent Mar8th1853
Hembery John Henry 24S Labourer carey's lane James Labourer Mar26th1853
Durbin Eve 23S   walton rd Thomas [Newton] Shoemaker Mar26th1853
Palmer James 26S Mason Village St Thomas Labourer Mar28th1853
Earl Harriet 40W   Village St Robert [Goldstone] mason Mar28th1853
Brett William 33S Labourer Limekiln Lane David Labourer May16th1853
Mansfield Mary Ann 29S   Limekiln Lane Abraham Gardener May16th1853
Farrant John 30S Carpenter Monmouthshire Mathew Carpenter Aug2nd1853
Prosser Ann 33S   Village St James Carpenter Aug2nd1853
Goddard Samuel 59W 1/2pay officer J??mimy Cottage Samuel Gent Sep8th1853
Riddell Margaret Nesbitt 32S   Bellvue Hse Andrew Major army Sep8th1853
Laver Jabes 21S mason Clevedon St John Mason Feb7th1854
Hare Elizabeth 21S   ClevedonSt William Labourer Feb7th1854
Durbin Samuel 26S Labourer Ken Rd John Labourer Feb15th1854
Chidzey Susan 23S   Brookvale Hse Thomas Labourer Feb15th1854
Carey William 27S Labourer Carey's lane John Labourer Mar29th1854
Lilly Charlotte 24S   Church Rd Thomas Fisherman Mar29th1854
Bartlett Charles 24S Ironmonger Weton-s-mare Charles Gent Mar30th1854
Perry Julia Ann 35S   Beach Villa Thomas Gent Mar30th1854
Tyler James 19S Labourer Church Rd Thomas Labourer Apr9th1854
Vicarage Ann 24S   Church rd William Labourer Apr9th1854
Richards William 24S Architect Bath John Librarian Apr12th1854
Sydenham Miranda 24S   Rodney Hse George Bootmaker Apr12th1854
Neigh Thomas 23S Mason Village St John Mason Apr17th1854
Salmon Millicent 18S   Village St Charles Beerseller Apr17th1854
Bailey Charles 38W Glover Milborne Port Robert Labourer Apr17th1854
Hill Tryphena 32S   Woodspring Hse Robert Labourer Apr17th1854
Durbin Adam 23S Labourer Walton rd Thomas [Newton] Shoemaker May13th1854
Pearce Susan 30S   Clevedon Court Thomas Labourer May13th1854
Robbins James 21S Carpenter Limekiln Lane George Carpenter May29th1854
Hemmens Harriet 19S   Limekiln Lane James Labourer May29th1854
Dunn James 69W Gent Bath Bartholomew Tradesman Jun5th1854
Beale Ann 70S   Beach Villa James Builder Jun5th1854
Smith David 21S Priest East Brent John Gent June?1854
Daniel Julia S   Clevedon Thomas Gent June?1854
Tripp Henry 34S Indigo Planter Grove Cottage John Richardson Solicitor Jun20th1854
Ainsworth Catherine 28S   grove Cottage Nathaniel Gent Jun20th1854
Fry Francis 25S Farmer Weston-sMare John Farmer Jun20th1854
Cottle Harriet 25S   Dowlais farm Nicholas Farmer Jun20th1854
Wilson Arthur 21S Architect Eversea Hse John Gent Oct5th1854
Farmer Elizabeth 23S   Bedford hse Frederick Surgeon Oct5th1854
Pizey George 35S Surgeon Belvedire Hse John Robert Merchant Dec7th1854
Shipton Julia 21S   Park Hse Martin Noble Surgeon Dec7th1854
Hartree John 25S Mason Gothic Villa George Mason Dec9th1854
Gould Emma 25S   Walton hse John Gatekeeper Dec9th1854
Gooding James 26S Labourer Church rd John Labourer Dec11th1854
Hellier Harriett 26S   Church rd Joseph Labourer Dec11th1854


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