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Weddings at St Andrews, 1885 to 1897

Name Age Occupation Residence Father Occupation Date
Thorne Charles 28S Mason Clevedon Charles Mason Sep13th1885
Willcox Mary 33S   Clevedon George Builder Sep13th1885
Barnard James 87W Watchmaker Malmesbury Thomas Innocent Watchmaker Dec10th1885
Moore Ann 44W   Clevedon Richard [Holder] Farmer Dec10th1885
Knight Francis 22S Carpenter Clevedon John Brickmaker May20th1886
Bowyer Ellen 19S   Clevedon Joseph FarmLabourer May20th1886
Wood William Arthur 26S Butcher Clevedon Emmanuel Publican Jun28th1886
Ganniclifft Joanna 21S   Clevedon William Pinkham Newsvendor Jun28th1886
Hinton William James+ 25S Tailor Trowbridge Joseph Gardener Aug12th1886
Light Emily 26S   Clevedon Henry Plumber  
Palmer James 60W Builder Clevedon Thomas Labourer Sep9th1886
Jones Susanna 45S   Clevedon Samuel Labourer Sep9th1886
Trew Thomas 36W Butler Clevedon Job Farmer Oct12th1886
James Emily Nias S   Clevedon Thomas Carpenter Oct12th1886
Babb Walter Webber 51W Chemist Dulverton James Gent Oct16th1886
Auer Theresa Ericson 40W   Clevedon Wilhelm Officer Oct16th1886
Norton Henry John 25S Stone Mason Clevedon Henry Gardener Nov6th1886
Hancock Mary Hannah 28S   Clevedon Thomas Gardener Nov6th1886
Ford George 27S Mason's Labourer Clevedon   Shoemaker Nov15th1886
Rawlings Mary Ann 27S   Clevedon George Ag Labourer Nov15th1886
Coombs Theodore 27S Baker Clevedon Thomas Baker Dec25th1886
Law Fanny 30S   Clevedon Thomas AgLabourer Dec25th1886
Lott Henry 26S Letter Carrier Backwell James Painter Jan29th1887
Veale Mary 30S   Clevedon John Butcher Jan29th1887
Newton Robert 26S Mason's Labourer Clevedon Samuel Labourer Feb22nd1887
Watts Annie Sydney 30S Domestic Serv Clevedon William Shoemaker Feb22nd1887
Plumley Arthur Henry 23S Mason Clevedon Henry Mason Feb25th1887
Mogg Ada Jane 20S   Clevedon Uriah Mason Feb25th1887
Lawrance Walter 26S Carpenter Clevedon William Coachman May2nd1887
Winterson Sarah Ann 28S   Clevedon Oliver Mason May2nd1887
Plumley George 27S Mason Clevedon George Labourer May30th1887
Eglington Elizabeth Ellen 22S   Clevedon John Plasterer May30th1887
Bryant Richard 36S Gent Charlecombe William Merchant Jul28th1887
Jowitt Elizabeth Frances 38S   Clevedon Edward Gent Jul28th1887
Dutton Theodore 28S Draper Bristol William Pattern Maker Aug10th1887
Thomas Margaret Louisa 22S Dressmaker Clevedon George Coal Merch. Aug10th1887
Arnold Charles Thomas 39W Gardener Clevedon George Gardener Aug27th1887
Colesworthy Rosina Jane 39S Domestic Serv Clevedon John Coachman Aug27th1887
Alvis Albert 27S Mason Clevedon James Masons Labourer Aug30th1887
House Henrietta Bristow 21S   Clevedon Alfred James Smith Aug30th1887
House Oliver James 23S Shoemaker Clevedon Alfred James Smith Nov19th1887
Cox Susan 21S Domestic Serv Clevedon Richard AgLabourer Nov19th1887
Baggs William 35S Brewer Clevedon Mark Brewer Dec12th1887
Gardiner Sarah Price 37S   Walcot Charles Gent Dec12th1887
Jones Edward 23S painter Clevedon Edward Painter Dec26th1887
Knight Sarah Ann 23S Laundress Clevedon Henry Road Labourer Dec26th1887
Born John 39S Lodginghouse Keeper Clevedon Christopher Farmer Mar20th1888
Wightman Elizabeth Bond 32S   Clevedon William Crrew Farmer Mar20th1888
Griffin Albert Thomas+ 25S Farmer Walton-in-Gordano Thomas Farmer Mar20th1888
Hamlen Elizabeth Purchase 23S   Clevedon Henry Edward Gent Mar20th1888
Morris William 33S Farmer Peckham George Farmer Apr4th1888
Crease Phoebe 40W Farmer Clevedon Richard [Sweet] Farmer Apr4th1888
Harris William Bick 26S Gardener Clevedon Edmund Butler Apr30th1888
Panes Dora Rebecca 24S Laundress Clevedon John Mechanic Apr30th1888
Drewett William Henry 23S painter Clevedon William Coachman May21st1888
Taylor Florence 23S Domestic Serv Clevedon Samuel Gardener May21st1888
Llewellyn Ynyr Stewart+ 44S Chemist Clevedon Richard Penderel Clergy May29th1888
Greenwood Ann 34S Housekeeper Clevedon Thomas Farmer May29th1888
Hancock George 23S gardener Clevedon Charles Coal Merchant Jul12th1888
Clark Alice 23S Domestic Serv Clevedon James AgLabourer Jul12th1888
Griffin William Davy 26S Compositor Birminham William Shoemaker Aug1st1888
Ringrose Mary Jane 29S Schoolmistress Clevedon George Plumber Aug1st1888
Price Edward William 26S Gardener Headington John Price Sep1st1888
Atherton Lizzie 29S Schoolmistress Clevedon Henry Gardener Sep1st1888
Kellaway Thomas Frampton 50W Farmer Portisham Richard Edward Yeoman Nov6th1888
Scutt Emma 54W   Clevedon Josia [Croad] Yeoman Nov6th1888
Lancaster Henry John 25S Stonecutter Clevedon George Balcksmith Nov24th1888
Martin Emily Maria 22S Laundress Clevedon Michael Carter Nov24th1888
Inwards Junt 55W Gardener Clevedon Joseph Labourer Dec18th1888
Angell Hannah 39S Domestic Serv Clevedon Alfred Mason Dec18th1888
Latham Richard Henry 22S Watchmaker Clevedon James Francis Shoemaker Dec24th1888
Stephens Sarah Martha 24S   Clevedon John Cox Tailor Dec24th1888
Lock Walter Joseph 21S Dairyman Clevedon Henry Gardener Dec26th1888
Dudley Beatrice Martha 22S Milliner Clevedon Henry Quarryman Dec26th1888
Callow William 29W Haycutter Clevedon Robert Farmer Jan10th1889
Locke Elizabeth 34S Domestic Serv Clevedon Walter Stephen Ag Labourer Jan10th1889
Curnow William 39S Draper Bath Mathew Shipbuilder Feb20th1889
Hale Ada Lucy 28S Draper Clevedon Henry Schoolmaster Feb20th1889
Godsell William 57W Farmer Standish James Farmer May23rd1889
New Sarah Ann 42W Farmer Clevedon Samuel [Hale] Farmer May23rd1889
Simms Thomas George 20S Sailor Clevedon William George China Dealer Jun24th1889
Youde Kate 21S Laundress Clevedon Charles Gardener Jun24th1889
Harris Joseph Davies 24S Blacksmith Cheddar William George Labourer Jun26th1889
Ware Eliza Maria 22S Domestic Serv Clevedon William Gardener Jun26th1889
Smith George Muro 33S Surgeon Clifton William Surgeon Sep10th1889
Harrell Amy Elizabeth 26S   Clevedon Robert Merchant Sep10th1889
Ralls William Salmon 24S farmer Tickenham William Farmer Oct9th1889
Crewe Martha Annie 22S   Clevedon Thomas Farmer Oct9th1889
Neads Louis 23S Gardener Clevedon William Henry Mason Oct31st1889
Hobbs Jane 25S Cook Clevedon William Shoemaker Oct31st1889
Woodman James Richard 25S Ostler Clevedon Samuel Coachmaker Nov16th1889
Hobbs Amelia 25S Waitress Clevedon George Ropemaker Nov16th1889
Forman Thomas Edmund 29S Fruit Merchant Clevedon Valentine DCSD Grocer Nov27th1889
Hall Alice Charlotte 26S   Bristol Christopher DCSD Farmer Nov27th1889
Carey John 21S Haulier Clevedon Edwin Mason Dec2nd1889
Knowles Fanny 20S Domestic Serv Clevedon David Platelayer Dec2nd1889
Hammett Howard Robert 27S Coachpainter Leamington Frederick Bootmaker Dec25th1889
Marshall Louisa 26S Laundress Clevedon George Mason Dec25th1889
Brown William 27S Porter Clevedon William Labourer Dec26th1889
Davis Ellen Jane 22S waitress Clevedon Samuel Saddler Dec26th1889
Brewer John 29S Butcher Clevedon Samuel Butcher Apr9th1890
Ames Harriet Ann 28S   Clevedon Thomas Farmer Apr9th1890
Skinner Albert Charles 24S Ag Labourer Nailsea Charles Ag Labourer Jun12th1890
Brown Kate 25S Domestic Serv Clevedon William Carter Jun12th1890
Mills William 50S Labourer Clevedon James DCSD Contractor Jun23rd1890
Adams Ann 60W Laundress Clevedon Robert [Meyers] Labourer Jun23rd1890
Honeyborne Levi 26S Saddler London Henry Butcher Oct11th1890
Jenkins Hannah Maria 25S Domestic Serv Clevedon William DCSD Farmer Oct11th1890
Sanders James 45W Merchant Southmolton James Hooper Merchant Nov1st1890
Stephenson Augusta Anne 39W   Clevedon John [Middle] Builder Nov1st1890
Neads Arthur Edward 21S cabdriver Clevedon Charles William Mason's Lab Dec10th1890
Parsons Martha 21s Domestic Serv Clevedon Lewis Edward Mason's Lab Dec10th1890
Orchard Alfred Benjamin 35W Copperman Bristol Esaw Labourer Feb4th1891
Badman Ann Elizabeth 30S Cook Clevedon Enos DCSD Platelayer Feb4th1891
Ford William Tom 29S Haulier Clevedon James Engine Driver Mar2nd1891
Dean Sarah Ann 28S Domestic Serv Clevedon William DCSD Labourer Mar2nd1891
Brake Robert Charles 25S Butcher Clevedon Henry Dairyman Mar11th1891
Marshall Sarah Annie 23S Laundress Clevedon George DCSD Pilot Mar11th1891
Thompson Thomas Dale 26S Labourer Goole John Labourer Mar30th1891
Neads Eliza Ann 27S   Clevedon Henry William Mason Mar30th1891
Sprigg Samuel 23S Labourer Weston-i-Gord John Shoemaker May16th1891
Deam Annie Maria 27S Laundress Clevedon William DCSD Labourer May16th1891
Marson Henry Arthur+ 24S Indian Army Clevedon Charles Vicar of Clevedon May30th1891
Palgrave-Ker Katherine+ 23S   Clevedon William Gent May30th1891
Foster George 67W Corn merchant Yorkshire William DCSD Conttractor Jun15th1891
Holland Annie Mary 39S   Clevedon Henry DCSD Gent Jun15th1891
Hulance Frederick 25S Rail Porter Islington William DCSD Coachman Jun22nd1891
Gooding Alice 26S Milliner Clevedon James Gardener Jun22nd1891
Phayre Arthur 35S Indian Army Pimlico Robert General Ind. Army Jul7th1891
Anderson Mary Catherine 23S   Clevedon Horace Searle Maj-Gen Ind. Army Jul7th1891
Neads William John 25S Collier Clevedon Charles DCSD Labourer Aug6th1891
Lapworth Ellen 24S Domestic Serv Clevedon Thomas Labourer Aug6th1891
Stacey Albert 20S Labourer Clevedon Charles DCSD Labourer Aug10th1891
Williams Alice Maud 24S Domestic Serv Clevedon Alfred Farrier Aug10th1891
Sandy Henry 27s Gunner Clevedon Henry Brickmaker Aug24th1891
Stacey Eliza Charlotte 27S Domestic Serv Clevedon Charles DCSD Labourer Aug24th1891
Leader Charles Henry 41W Licensed Vict. Marlborough Richard Lic. Vict Sep2nd1891
Crew Mary Alice + 28S   Clevedon Thomas DCSD Farmer Sep2nd1891
Gunter Gethen Michael 29S Puddler Treforest Rees Farmer Sep7th1891
Somedrton Elizabeth Joanna 22S   Clevedon John Mason Sep7th1891
Light Joseph 28S Plumber Clevedon William Plumber Oct7th1891
Burge Georgiana 22S Dressmaker Clevedon Edwin Henry Gardener Oct7th1891
Ware Alfred 22S Coachman Clevedon William Gardener Nov5th1891
Milford Martha 22S Domestic Serv Clevedon John Platelayer Nov5th1891
Hazell Edwin Henry 24S Photographer Clevedon Edwin Organist Nov11th1891
Blick Jessie Louise + 25S   Clevedon James DCSD Upholsterer Nov11th1891
Potter Albert 27S Postman Stoke Newington George Gelatine Worker Nov21st1891
Clark Edith 21S   Clevedon Edwin Mason Nov21st1891
Morgan Edwin Herbert 36S Gent Bath Jerimiah Farmer Dec15th1891
Robinson Anne 39S   Clevedon Charles Surgeon Dec15th1891
Pendleton Edwin 41S Shoemaker Clevedon John Shoemaker Dec23rd1891
Badman Ann Eleanor 33S   Clevedon Alfred Carpenter Dec23rd1891
Mashman William 26S Labourer S.Wales William DCSD Labourer Dec26th1891
Lycett Mary Ann 25S Cook Clevedon Medach Labourer Dec26th1891
Edwards Walter George 27S Corndealer Clevedon Albert Saddler Dec30th1891
Willcox Martha 27S Millier Clevedon George Builder Dec30th1891
Small Charles 27S Coastguard Porlscatto Charles Stone Mason Feb13th1892
Hurley Florence Annie 22S Dressmaker Clevedon George Stone Mason Feb13th1892
Thompson George 25S Gardener Clifton John Blacksmith Apr18th1892
Hedges Emily Jane 21S Dressmaker Clevedon John Blackmsmith Apr18th1892
Youde Albert 25S Carrier Clevedon Thomas DCSD Mason Jun25th1892
Hobbs Clara Ann 22S Laundress Clevedon Samuel Sutton Brickmaker Jun25th1892
Cullis William Richard + 26S Schoolmaster Clevedon Samuel Naval Pensioner Jul14th1892
Norman Thirza 23S   Clevedon James Builder Jul14th1892
Warton Charles 30S Traveller Bristol Charles Merchant Jul18th1892
Taylor Georgina Beeston 29S   Clevedon Henry Civ. Engineer Jul18th1892
Taylor Joseph Samuel 23S Labourer Wales Henry Samuel Labourer Aug1st1892
Johnson Alice 21S Cook Clevedon William DCSD Labourer Aug1st1892
Perrett Joseph 47W Retired Clevedon Thomas Yeoman Aug24th1892
Derrett Elizabeth 49W   Clevedon William [Butler]DCSD Foreman Aug24th1892
Ford William James 21S Labourer Clevedon George Shoemaker Aug29th1892
Mills Mary 21S Domestic Serv Clevedon Thomas Labourer Aug29th1892
Hockey John Robert 26S Plumber Clevedon Thomas Fitter Aug29th1892
Woodman Ellen 31S Domestic Serv Clevedon Samuel DCSD Coachbuilder Aug29th1892
Forbes Arthur William 34S Indian Army Clevedon Charles + DCSD Ind.Civ Serv. Sep14th1892
Anderson Harriet Marion 23S   Clevedon Horace Searle Maj-Gen Ind Army Sep14th1892
Davis Herbert Sidney 26S Baker Clevedon Samuel Saddler Oct11th1892
Ham Treaza Ann 22S Dressmaker Clevedon Edward DCSD Butcher Oct11th1892
Cox Samuel 58W Furniture Dealer Clevedon Samuel Labourer Oct15th1892
Rowley Honor 48S Domestic Serv Clevedon George Labourer Oct15th1892
Shepphard John 24S Signalman WaterOrton John DCSD Labourer Feb22nd1893
Grannicom Edith Isobel 22S Domestic Serv Clevedon James Thomas DCSD Mason Feb22nd1893
Crosse Henry 48S Inland Rev Ludlow John Auctioneer Mar25th1893
Davies Edith Muriel 34S   Clevedon William DCSD Estate Agent Mar25th1893
Heard James 26S Ag Labourer Winsford Iene Basket Maker Mar29th1893
Veysey Mary Ann + 26S Domestic Serv Clevedon John Labourer Mar29th1893
Perry Walter George 26S Gardener Dundee Job Policeman Aug14th1893
Neads Emily 21S Domestic Serv Clevedon William Henry Mason Aug14th1893
Knight Samuel John 20S Coal Haulier Clevedon Henry Ag Labourer Dec25th1893
Holland Sarah Jane 24S Domestic Serv Clevedon James Ag Labourer Dec25th1893
Masters Josiah 24S Labourer Bourenmouth Mark Carpenter Dec26th1893
Cox Ada Charlotte 26S Domestic Serv Clevedon Charles Gas Works Labourer Dec26th1893
Higgins Albert 26S Carpenter Clevedon William Carpenter Jan1st1894
Clisby Emily Gertrude 26S Schoolmistress Clevedon Thomas Clerk Jan1st1894
Davis Sydney 30S Ag Labourer Clevedon Benjamin Ag Labourer Feb5th1894
Coles Margaret 33S Laundress Clevedon Thomas Ag Labourer Feb5th1894
Nichols Charles 26S Mason Bath Henry Quarryman Mar14th1894
Hitchcock Elizabeth Annie 25S Domestic Serv Clevedon Stephen Gardener Mar14th1894
Bullen Frederick StJohn 30S Surgeon Riegate Henry StJohn Surgeon Jun6th1894
Mardon Christine Lilian S   Clevedon Heber Manufacturer Jun6th1894
Williams Charles 24S Groom Clevedon James DCSD Labourer Jul7th1894
Venn Amelia 21S Domestic Serv Clevedon James Charles Carter Jul7th1894
Hack William Henry 24S Gardener Clevedon William Henry Brickmaker Aug27th1894
Telling Ruth 21S Domestic Serv Clevedon Henry Hurdle Maker Aug27th1894
Turner Alfred 53W Watchmaker Clevedon John DCSD Jeweller Sep1st1894
Harding Anne 53W   Cheddar Thomas [Woods] DCSD Farmer Sep1st1894
Plumley Theodore 25S Mason's Lab Clevedon George Ag Labourer Sep1st1894
Parr Susannah 27S Domestic Serv Clevedon George Gardener Sep1st1894
Ottley John Henry + 30S Ins.Soc. PCB Bristol   Inland Rev Sep3rd1894
Taylor Arabella 37S Draper Clevedon John [clegg] Cotton Spinner Sep3rd1894
Beacham John 39S Fly Prop. Clevedon James Innkeeper Sep13th1894
Clarke Mary 39S Domestic Serv   William DCSD Tailor Sep13th1894
Hyett Alfred William 22S Marinere Clevedon William Smallwood Mariner Sep15th1894
Mogg Ellen Eliza 23S Domestic Serv Clevedon Uriah Mason's Lab Sep15th1894
Maggs Thomas William 21S Shoemaker Timsbury William Shoemaker Sep18th1894
Parsons Mary Ann 25S Dressmaker Clevedon Edward DCSD Farmer Sep18th1894
Biss Ernest 26S Decorator Portishead George Builder Sep18th1894
Biss Emily 23S   Clevedon Benjamin DCSD Builder Sep18th1894
Turner Walter 33S Ironmonger Clevedon Albert DCSD Sep25th1894
Murdock Eva 25S Governess Clevedon Thomas Drillmaster Sep25th1894
Brake Ernest 30S Farmer Trowbridge Abrahan DCSD Oct24th1894
Bryant Kate 36S   Clevedon William DCSD Oct24th1894
Mitchell Edward John + 21S Fishmonger Weston.s.Mare Johnathan DCSD Oct29th1894
Stacey Harriet 24S   Clevedon Charles DCSD Oct29th1894
George Thomas 27S Barber Clevedon Thomas Barber Dec11th1894
Wall Rosetta 23S Domestic Serv Clevedon Thomas Carpenter Dec11th1894
Horsey Frederic 23S Cabman Clevedon George Labourer Jan28th1895
Hudson Ellen Lydia 25S Domestic Serv Clevedon William Tailor Jan28th1895
Hill Richard Tom 23S Carpenter Clevedon Tom Builder Mar23rd1895
Tutton Fanny 24S   Clevedon Charles Bailiff Mar23rd1895
Chantrill William Ernest 22S Grocer Bristol James Bevan Merchant May11th1895
Northam Leah Agnetta 25S   Clevedon ThomasLiddon Merchant May11th1895
Clarke Henry Charles 25S Mason Clevedon Edwin Mason Jun1st1895
Godding Alice Kate 22S   Clevedon Oliver Edwin Painter Jun1st1895
Burge Albert Edward 25S Gardener Barrow Gurney Edwin Henry Gardener Jul2nd1895
Child Flora Agnes 21S   Clevedon John Builder Jul2nd1895
Whitting William John + 23S Timberman Clevedon John Sexton Jul23rd1895
Parsons Elizabeth Sophia 24S   Clevedon James Mariner Jul23rd1895
Vicarage John Harry 28S Wheelwright Clevedon Thomas Wheelwright Aug5th1895
Stock Mary Louisa 27S Domestic Serv Clevedon William DCSD Aug5th1895
Thorne Charles Edgar 24S Carpenter Penarth Edgar Gardener Aug5th1895
Callow Minnie 24S   Clevedon Charles Carter Aug5th1895
Sandy Alfred 25S Grocers porter Clevedon Henry Foreman Aug26th1895
Brister Mary Ann 26S Domestic Serv Clevedon William Labourer Aug26th1895
Hobbs Edward George 26S Gas Works Lab. Clevedon George Ropemaker Aug31st1895
Slade Kate 23S Domestic Servj Clevedon Abraham Shoemaker Aug31st1895
Tripp William John 22S Postman Bristol John Labourer Sep5th1895
Tutton Amelia 19S   Clevedon Charles Bailiff Sep5th1895
Harding Frederick 45S Bank Manager Chard Evastus Gent Sep12th1895
Ross Isabel 43S   Clevedon Stephen GatwardDCSD Corn Merchant Sep12th1895
Atkins Henry Donatus 39W Grocer Walsall George Grocer Oct9th1895
Bryant Lillie 27S   Clevedon Charles DCSD Innkeeper Oct9th1895
Gooding Frank 23S Gardener Clevedon James Gardener Oct26th1895
Fry Annie Celia 23S Dressmaker Clevedon James Fishmonger Oct26th1895
Bosely Frank James 25S Labourer Clevedon William Blacksmith Nov30th1895
Badman Alice 24S Domestic Serv Clevedon James Labourer Nov30th1895
Gingell Benjamin 22S Labourer Lyneham Jesse Labourer Dec25th1895
Dudley Edith Mary 23S Domestic Serv Clevedon Henry DCSD Gardener Dec25th1895
Hunt Charles 25S Plasterer Newport Joseph DCSD Plasterer Dec26th1895
Neads Kate 25S Dressmaker Clevedon Henry William Mason Dec26th1895
Osgood Sidney Charles 23S Chimney Sweep Clevedon George Chimney Sweep Dec30th1895
Nurton Mary Jane + 23S Dressmaker Clevedon William Henry Painter Dec30th1895
Harris Henry S Surgeon Valley View Clevedon Henry Mastermariner Feb15th1896
Poulden Sophia Matilda S   Uphill James Bedford Clergy Feb15th1896
O'Connor Patrick James 28S Gunner RN Clevedon James Sailor Feb22nd1896
Tripp Elizabeth Ann 22S   Clevedon John Labourer Feb22nd1896
Parsons Henry Newport 26S Farmer Clevedon Edward DCSD Farmer Mar18th1896
Harris Annie Louisa 25S Barmaid Clevedon William Farmer Mar18th1896
Horsey Edward 23S Cabdriver Clevedon George Labourer Apr2nd1896
Hooper Caroline 21S Domestic Serv Clevedon William Labourer Apr2nd1896
Parsons Thomas Daniel 24S Labourer Clevedon Edward Labourer Apr2nd1896
Neads Ada Louisa 23S Laundress SouthClevedon Charles Labourer Apr2nd1896
Long Charles 26S Gardener S.Clevedon James DCSD Labourer Apr2nd1896
Pople Fanny 28S Domestic Serv Clevedon William Labourer Apr2nd1896
Sargent George Burchell 25S Carpenter Clevedon Edmund Lodginghouse keeper Apr6th1896
Fletcher Rosa 28S Domestic Serv Clevedon John Miller Apr6th1896
Pike John Frank 25S Flydriver Clevedon Stephen DCSD Labourer Apr8th1896
Baker Mary Ann 26S Laundress Clevedon William Labourer Apr8th1896
Wyatt Alfred George 33S Works Manag. Fulham George Gent Apr25th1896
Veale Amy Louisa 30S   1 Jesmond Rd Clevedon Edward John Gent Apr25th1896
Brown Edgar Norman 28S Chemical Manuf. Egbaston George Accountant Jun24th1896
Harrison Eleanor 28S   Seavale Rd Clevedon Charles James Gardener Jun24th1896
Owen Charles 28S Coachman Backwell Edward Farmer Jul8th1896
Davies Edith 20S Dial Hill Clevedon James Edward Plumber Jul8th1896
Horsey Bernard Charles+ 25S Carpenter Ashley House Bernard Gardener Aug17th1896
Taylor Mary Maud 24S Dressmaker 16 Queens Rd Henry Civ Engineer Aug17th1896
Newman William George 27S Engineer Poole Henry Tailor Sep16th1896
Durbin Lilly Beatrice 24S   Cumberland House Adam Gardener Sep16th1896
Lewis Samuel Jones 40S Accountant Keynsham Samuel Tailor Sep16th1896
Hagley Edith Anne 30S   Selwood House Edward Mercer Sep16th1896
Ball Isaac William 23S Labourer Stroud rd Charles Labourer Sep23rd1896
Wilkins Jessie 23S   The Gardens George Labourer Sep23rd1896
Pike Frederick John + 23S Baker Edington Wilts Edwin DCSD Lic. Vict. Nov10th1896
Pike Sarah Jane 25S   Beach Villa Sytephen DCSD Lic. Vict. Nov10th1896
Thorne Sidney Vellicott 23S Butcher Ashley House Richard Publican Nov19th1896
Manning Bessie 24S Domestic Serv Ashley House Joseph DCSD Gamekeeper Nov19th1896
Sperring Herbert Henry 21S Groom Clevedon Henry Carpenter Jan2nd1897
Coles Celia Maria 23S   S.Clevedon Thomas Labourer Jan2nd1897
Clarke Thomas 44W Coachman Banwell Philip DCSD Butler Jan16th1897
Harris Edith Mary 29S   Beach Villa John DCSD Fly Prop. Jan16th1897
Rowley Henry Charles 27S farmer Yatton Henry Charles Dairryman Apr28th1897
Tinklin Rose Anna 23S Farmer Clevedon William Farmer Apr28th1897
Creighton John 36S Confectioner Bristol Charles Policeman May20th1897
Melliar Madelina 31s Domestic Serv Clevedon Hill Alfred HenryDCSD Coachman May20th1897
Murdock Albert William 34S Cabinet Maker Birmingham Thomas Drillmaster Jun5th1897
Pickering Mary 38S   Arundel House George Lodginghouse keeper Jun5th1897
Hale Soloman 27S Gardener Myrtle Cott.Str.Rd Charles Labourer Jun5th1897
Neads Alice Beatrice 21S Laundress 106 Ken Rd Charles DCSD Labourer Jun5th1897
Vachell Alfred Redwood 27S Gent Stoke Bishop William gent Aug14th1897
DeWinton Kathleen + 22S   20Leagrove rd William Gent Aug14th1897
Lavers James Henry 26S Painter 12 Queens rd William DCSD Rail Porter Aug28th1897
Dunning Georgina 29S Domestic Serv 12 Queens Rd Edward Mastermariner Aug28th1897
Lovell John Grovosso 21S Bootmaker 92 O.C.R. John Boilermaker Aug30th1897
Shepherd Alice 22S   89 Stroud Rd Thomas Labourer Aug30th1897
Tuckett Walter 59W Engineer Shirehampton Alfred DCSD Farmer Sep28th1897
Humphries Mary Agnes 44S   Rhysdal House Joseph William Accountant Sep28th1897
Bray Arthur James 25S Carter 1Stroud rd Samuel DCSD Mason Oct18th1897
Garrett Edith Emily 24S   14 Moor Lane George Fly Drivewr Oct18th1897
Milton Frederick Wey 29S Carpenter Bedmister George Carpenter Dec8th1897
Lavers Edith Matilda 25S 12 Queens Rd   William DCSD Rail Porter Dec8th1897
Chamberlain George Richard 24S Gardener 9 Copse Rd Henry Gardener Dec25th1897
Chapman Emily 27S Domestic Serv St Margarets W in G John Carter Dec25th1897.


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