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Clevedon Civic Society

Clevedon, the Gem of Sunny Somerset can be order by writing to:

"Clevedon Civic Society Sales, 33 Tennyson Avenue, Clevedon, BS21 7UJ"

using our postal order form, enclosing a cheque made payable to Clevedon Civic Society.

NOTE: Please add the sum of £3.00 to your order to cover postage and packaging.

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

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Priced at £3.00

Disc One: 84 minutes - From Village to Town

1. From the Court to the Old Church

2. Clevedon Walks

3. Clevedon Trains and Troops

4. Clevedon Shops

5. Clevedon Churches

Clevedon, the Gem of Sunny Somerset

Disc Two: 130 minutes - Entertaining Clevedon

1. A Stroll Along the Prom

2. Clevedon Pier

3. Clevedon Youth

4. Clevedon Sport

5. Clevedon Entertainment

6. Clevedon Civic Society Books

Two Disc set

Published in 2009

Video Producer: Geoff Hale

Would you like to view the town of Clevedon from the comfort of your armchair? Now Clevedon Civic Society can make that dream come true.

A new and amazing DVD has just been launched which shows Clevedon in all its glory. On two discs it is the culmination of many months’ filming work by Society member Geoff Hale. He has photographed and produced this immensely detailed view of our town, its people, its history, its clubs and its proud heritage.

I will highlight just some of the myriad subjects covered by Geoff that I found particularly interesting.

One of my very favourite places in the whole town is the Great Hall of Clevedon Court and this is filmed beautifully by Geoff complete with a polished introduction to the Court by Clevedon Civic Society president Julia Elton.

According to her the Court’s passages may be some of the coldest places in the town in winter but I still love the history of the house and its inhabitants which have played such a pivotal role in Clevedon’s development.

Geoff traces the meandering route of the Land Yeo which completes its journey through the town passing many sites of great historical interest and finishes at the Old Church of St Andrew.

This picturesque church is special to our family and I think it is this special significance that will make this DVD appeal to many people. Did you know that there are 16 miles of official footpaths in Clevedon and I’m sure I have walked all of them with generations of family dogs over the 38 years I have lived in the town. Geoff films nearly all of these walks with their wonderful views and we glimpse the Society’s Footpath Group walking the most famous of the routes – Poets’ Walk. Talking of poets it seems that the late poet Sir John Betjeman said that Clevedon without its Pier was like a “diamond with a flaw”. So thank goodness the Pier was restored and Geoff shows this process in fascinating detail.

As I now live opposite St Peter’s Church the section about Clevedon Churches caught my attention. St Peter’s was originally a wood and iron structure until Dame Violet Wills gave money for the building of the church you see today. The metal bell is the only remaining link to the former building and is still rung on Sunday mornings for the 11am service.

Wonderful old photos of the shops in Hill Road are contrasted nicely with views of the busy shopping area today. I can remember the shop so clearly in the early 1960s when my father and mother, Horace and Lilian Trueman, moved to the town to take over the fishmongers and game merchants shop in Hill Road.

Other subjects which come under the scrutiny of Geoff’s camera include the trains and troops, the youth, sport, entertainment and of course a stroll along the prom.

The detailed filming and the research work that Geoff has put into this wonderful DVD is truly amazing. This is a worthy record and a unique snap shot of Clevedon – the Gem of Sunny Somerset – which we can feel so proud to be part of.

Frances Hardcastle

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