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Since the Environment Group was set up in the late 1970s it has been active in preserving some of Clevedon's best known landmarks as well as creating new features to enhance the town. Details of some of these projects can be seen by pressing the links above.

In the late 1980s the Group became active in maintaining these features as well and mounting a monthly working party during the summer months when we clean, paint and weed them - see below for details.

We also organise a "Big Litter Pick" before the Easter holiday each year to give the sea front a spring clean for the benefit of residents and visitors.

The Group works closely with North Somerset Council and the Town Council to achieve the objectives of maintaining and improving Clevedon's environment.

If you share these objectives please join us.

We meet every two months on a Wednesday evening. Please contact me for details.

The next Environment Group meeting will be on Wednesday 10 September, all Society members are eligible to join.

Bob Hardcastle

Chairman, Our Environment Group

Salthouse Arch

Recent Working Parties

Marine Lake Refurbishment

The Group’s chairman, Bob Hardcastle, attended a meeting of the North Somerset Council (NSC) Project Board. At it he learned that the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) had confirmed the funding which had allowed the contract of appointment to be sent by NSC to Richard Fenton as the Engineer for the project. The Construction, Design and Management Co-ordinator had also been appointed. NSC will shortly be issuing a press release about the project and creating a dedicated website for information.

HLF Marine Lake.jpg Marine Lake.jpg

Exploratory work undertaken during March 2013

Heritage Lottery Fund inspection - 15 May 2014

On the 9th June 2014 it was announced that the North Somerset Council’s bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the restoration of the Marine Lake had been successful. Local groups involved in the project, including the Civic Society, celebrated a grant of almost £800,000.


Refurbishment of the Bandstand

The work to construct the new replacement panels was placed with Golding's and they were were fitted at the end of September 2014.

The project was supported, in part, by a donation of £2,000 from the Clevedon Civic Society.

Bandstand panels x2.jpg

Before the panels were covered in November 2010

After many years of battering from the West, our weather beaten Bandstand has this year undergone much renovation work.

Bandstand panels x1.psd Bandstand panels x2.psd Bandstand panels x3.psd

New panels in September 2014

Environment Group Walk

On Thursday 14 August 2014 the Environment Group arranged a walk around the town to show members some of the projects the Group have been involved in over the years. The chairman of the Group, Bob Hardcastle, reports.

Photographs by Angela Slotte

Umbrellas x2.jpg Alexandra Road.jpg Elton Road.jpg Pier Copse.jpg Six Ways.jpg Victoria Road.jpg Poets Walk.jpg Salthouse.jpg

Bob Hardcastle

Elton Road Fountain

Alexandra Road Fountain

Jubilee Seat - Seavale Road

Pier Copse

Victoria Road Fountain

Poets’ Walk Seat

Sheltering under umbrellas 15 people and a small dog started the combined Environment/Footpath Groups’ walk last Thursday evening.

Within a short time however the rain had stopped and the walkers were able to enjoy a summer’s evening stroll around all the projects undertaken by the Environment Group.

As part of the walk Angela Slotte guided the group over Church Hill, pointing out the 1920s paths recently restored by the Friends of Poets’ Walk. This finished with a walk down the zigzag path to the Lookout and then on to the circular seat.

The evening concluded with a much needed drink in the Little Harp. It was nice to meet new members of the society on the walk, which hopefully will have given them some idea of the scope of work carried out by the Society in the past.

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Seats Survey

A survey was undertaken by the Group of all the seats located in Clevedon, identifying those in need of repair and those that were sponsored.

The results of the seats survey undertaken by the Group have been given to the NSC at a meeting with John Flannigan and Gareth Withers.

Following that meeting the Environment Group sent NSC their proposal for a future policy on seats in the town.

Seats Survey x2.jpg Seats Survey x1.jpg IMG_5112 a.jpg IMG_5207 a.jpg

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

Environment Group hits since 01.01.2015

The July working party:

The small gate to the town cemetery was brushed and scraped in readiness for repainting. Shrubs were cut back around this gate and the path tidied, elder was cut down near the main gate, and sycamore branches overhanging the pavement were removed. Some clearing work was also done on Marshall’s Field near the Jubilee seat.

town-cemetery-gate-2.jpg town-cemetery-gate-a.jpg Marshall's Field a.jpg Marshall's Field b.jpg

The August working party

After a quick site visit and telephone calls it was decided to brave the heavy rain storms and clear the steps and footpath in Marshall’s Field. The area looks so much tidier now – and we left a notice saying that the area had been cleared by the Civic Society.

The September working parties:

Bob Hardcastle writes: ‘Thanks all those who were able to help with the painting of the gates to the cemetery on the 29th September after the de-rusting work the previous week. What a difference it has made to the entrance to the Cemetery now.’

Cemetery 29-09-14 x1.psd Cemetery 29-09-14 x2.psd

The November working party:

On the 10th November six members cleared the the Donkey Path between Victoria Road and Elton Road.

Group Chairman, Bob Hardcastle, wrote: ‘Just to thank those who helped with the working party this morning.

As a result of the good turn out we were able to remove the leaves and mud from the path, prune the brambles etc and litter pick the area. It looks so much better now – and much easier for the public to use.’

donkey path 1.psd Donkey path 2.psd Donkey path 4.psd Donkey path 5.jpg

The October working party:

Bob Hardcastle wrote: We finished clearing the area around the Marine Hill drinking trough, which had been started by others ( NSC? ). We arrived expecting a morning’s work but found that all the leaves had been cleared!

This must be a “first” as I do not think NSC have done this area before. We then moved on to Pier Copse and weeded and pruned the seating area – started by Angela on Friday – and then we cleared the greenery from the bench on the corner of Alexandra Road and Copse Road. It is now possible to sit on this bench and for pushchairs etc to get past on the pavement.

Pier Copse October 2014.jpg

Big Spring Clean-up - 22nd March

For this year, the Environment Group’s annual  ‘Big Litter Pick’, was combined with North Somerset Council’s ‘Big Spring Clean-up’.

Group member, Chris Stone, was appointed the ‘pickers’ point of contact and he sent this message of thanks to all those who helped:

‘I am pleased to report a very successful Spring Clean this morning. We had sixteen cleaner-uppers report for duty and there was an impressive heap of bags collected for Glendale to take away. Many thanks to everyone who so generously gave their time. Thanks too for the support and fixing ... provided by Nick and Kim from Glendale who ensured that things concluded tidily. Locals and visitors alike have much tidier spaces to enjoy.’

IMG_7233.JPG IMG_7234a.jpg IMG_7235a.jpg

Bob Hardcastle, Chairman of the Environment Group, writes:

We managed to get the metalwork to the Civic Society’s Millennium bench painted as well as clearing the bridge and the steps onto Marshall’s Field before the rain started.

The work to the bridge and steps was well received by members of the public. It is interesting to see how well used both the bridge and steps are by the number of people crossing the bridge or using the steps in the short time we were there. One lady in a disabled “buggy” was very grateful for the work to the bridge as she was finding it very difficult to cross before because of all the brambles and nettles.

Group working party - Monday 6 July

Marshall's Field b.jpg Marshall's Field bridge a.jpg

Pier Copse seating area

Pier Copse seating area.jpg

Photograph taken by Angela Slotte after the Environment Group had finished tending to the flower beds in this area.

Note the progress of the building work at the Pier Hotel in the left hand corner of the picture.

Message from the Environment Group Chairman

What a successful working party we had on the 24th May!

Thanks to all of you who were able to help – one of the best ever in terms of numbers.

Just as well though as “many hands make light work” – and we managed to collect about twenty bags of mainly plastic rubbish from the sea shore area by Marshall’s Field – not to mention the three car tyres, plastic seat and numerous large plastic boxes etc.

Our thanks are due as well to Glendale for providing us with the “community toolkit trailer” and for taking all the rubbish away on completion. I think that is a facility we may well use again in the future.

Thanks again.

Bob Hardcastle

May 2016 - Working Party

Clevedon Civic Society litter pick at Clevedon Pill 23 May 2016.JPG Clevedon Civic Society litter pick at Clevedon Pill a.JPG

Photographs from Angela Slotte

November 2016 - Donkey Path Working Party

Civic Society Donkey Path Nov 2016 1.JPG Civic Society Donkey Path Nov 2016 2.JPG Civic Society Donkey Path Nov 2016 3.JPG

We had a most successful working party this morning clearing the Donkey Path of leaves and accumulated mud. We were 4 Civic Society members ably assisted by a volunteer from the Woodcutters and a couple from neighbouring Pyne Point, to whom we are most grateful. Our volunteer hours were 11 in total.

Report and Photographs from:

Angela Slotte

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