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Clevedon Faces and Places can be order by writing to:

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Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

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Clevedon Places and Faces

Edited by Rob Campbell

Priced at £14.95

List of Contents

Around the Place.

Up, Up and Away - Michael John (Jack) Willcocks.

A Helping Hand - Henry Edward May

Driver/Nurse Rose Norton Harper.

Number Five Elton Road.

The Best Years.

Just Folk...

Columns of Communication - Clevedon Radio Broadcasting Station.

Clevedon Triangle Clock.

Military Matters.

Sporting Life & Society Pages.

Resting Places and Watering Holes.

This was the last book to be edited by our prolific chairman, Rob Campbell, who wrote in the preamble on the cover, ‘If you have an interest in Clevedon, its views and vistas and, of course, its people, then this book is for you. The vast majority of the images have not been published before.’

Members and friends of the Society have also contributed many of the chapters in the book, including Roy Girling, who was   able to expand a previous article about the local engineer, inventor and boat racing enthusiast, Michael John (Jack) Willcocks. There is a fascinating chapter, written by Austin Davis, about the building of the Triangle Clock in 1898, with detailed diagrams of the structure of the building and the clock mechanism. Chris Stone has contributed a chapter entitled, ‘Resting Places and Watering Holes.’ John Penny, has written an article about the radio mast which has been such a landmark to the south of the town since it was opened by the BBC on June 14, 1939 (just a week after I was born!). I was pleased to provide Roy Girling with some extra information and photographs to enable him to enlarge on another of his previously published articles about war-time Penicillin manufacture in Elton Road.

Not only did he edit the book but Rob Campbell also wrote several of the chapters himself, including a fascinating story about local flying man Collyns Price Pizey, an account of the heroic life of driver/nurse Rose Norton Harper and the story of Henry Edward May’s courageous rescue attempt in rough seas off the main beach in 1897.

Above all, this is a picture book. It contains nearly 400 old photographs taken in and around Clevedon in the past 100 years or more. If you attended school in Clevedon during the last 50 years or were a member of a sports or theatrical group or if you took part in any of the town’s post war carnivals, the chances are your face is to be found in the pages of this, the latest book to be published by our Society. As it says on the book cover, ‘It’s a must for family historians and locals alike.’

Geoff Hale (this review was first published in the Winter 2010 edition of ‘The Clevedonian’)  

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