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Clevedon Civic Society

Civic Society Shop

As a Society we have published a selection of books, leaflets and a 2-DVD set which we believe will be of interest to residents and visitors alike.

DVD and books can be order by writing to "Clevedon Civic Society Sales, 1 Church Close, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 7UE" using our postal order form, enclosing a cheque made payable to "Clevedon Civic Society".

NOTE: A sum of £3.00 will be added to your order to cover postage and packaging.

Please email us here if you require any further assistance before placing your order.

Clevedon, the Gem of Sunny Somerset - 2 DVD set

Disc One: 84 minutes - From Village to Town

1. From the Court to the Old Church

2. Clevedon Walks

3. Clevedon Trains and Troops

4. Clevedon Shops

5. Clevedon Churches

Disc Two: 130 minutes - Entertaining Clevedon

1. A Stroll Along the Prom

2. Clevedon Pier

3. Clevedon Youth

4. Clevedon Sport

5. Clevedon Entertainment

6. Clevedon Civic Society Books

Published in 2009

Video Producer: Geoff Hale

Priced at £3.00

Clevedon Places and Faces

Around the Place.

Up, Up and Away - Michael John (Jack) Willcocks.

A Helping Hand - Henry Edward May

Driver/Nurse Rose Norton Harper.

Number Five Elton Road.

The Best Years.

Just Folk...

Columns of Communication - Clevedon Radio Broadcasting Station.

Clevedon Triangle Clock.

Military Matters.

Sporting Life & Society Pages.

Resting Places and Watering Holes.

Author: Clevedon Civic Society

Editor: Rob Campbell

(Also available from Amazon)

Priced at £14.95


to Victorian Resort

Hardback, 288 pages - October 2009

Author: Clevedon Civic Society

Editor: Rob Campbell

(Also available from Amazon)

Priced at £5.00


A paperback book priced at £4.50 detailing the way Clevedon has changed from a village to the thriving metrop it has become.

Clevedon until 1800

The development of Clevedon

The Elton family & Clevedon court

The history of Clevedon pier

Mount Elton

Religous life in the town

The development of the local Government

Education in Clevedon

Shops in the Nineteenth Century

The limekilns of Clevedon.


A 73 page paperbacked book priced at £4.50 containing many fascinating insights into the history of Clevedon.

George Lee & his Clevedon Violets

Chronicles of the Clevedon Cottage hospital

Clevedon Society in the ninteenth Century

Highdale Farm, the Hide Hall of

Clevedon Manor

Crime in Clevedon

Looking back on Clevedon

The growth of Victorian Clevedon

The Cinema Story

Clevedon's fire brigade

Clevedon Civic Society


A paperback of 90 pages, priced at £4.50.

A tribute to Gray Usher (Moorman)

The Archaeology of Clevedon

The Arts in clevedon

The Ken Hangings

The Builders of Clevedon

The Expensive Lesson

The drinking troughs and fountains of Clevedon

The history of Clevedon Pier

The Stephens Car


Ten short walks through town & country, priced at £2.00


 A bumper 108 page paper back, packed to the gunnels with more Clevedon history, both industrial and social, an absolute snip at £7.50

Part 1 Industrial history.

Brickworks & Potteries

The Clevedon weavers

Mr Boddingtons Boot Factory

Binding & Payne & Associated Companies

The Clevedon & Portishead Laundry

Percy Daniel Organ Builder

Penicillin & other Anti biotics

Two Timber Merchants

Utilities- Gas, Water & Electricity

Willcocks-Inventors & Engineers

CLEVEDON'S OWN - The Great War 1914 to 1918

Paperback, 112 pages - June 2004

Includes separate Roll of Honour

Editor: Rob Campbell

Priced at £9.95

CLEVEDON AT WAR - 1939 to 1945

Paperback, 108 pages - June 2005

Includes separate Roll of Honour

Editor: Rob Campbell

Priced at £9.95

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

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Paperback, 76 pages - Feb 2002

Priced at £7.00

CLEVEDON’S Social and Industrial Heritage