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Clevedon Civic Society

THE ANNALS OF CLEVEDON can be order by writing to:

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Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

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List of Contents

George Lee & his Clevedon Violets (J Burrows)

Chronicles of the Clevedon Cottage Hospital (M. A. Elton)

Clevedon Society in the ninteenth century (L. Murray)

Highdale Farm, the Hide Hall of Clevedon Manor (J. S. Lilly)

Crime in Clevedon (J. S. Lilly)

Looking back on Clevedon (B. S. Pedder)

The growth of Victorian Clevedon (L. Murray)

The Cinema Story (H. Wilkins)

Clevedon's fire brigade (A. Cook & G. H. Case)

Clevedon Civic Society (D.P. Appleby & G. H. Case)

 Illustrations and Cover Design - M. Y Horsfield

Seven years were to pass before the Society published its second book, in 1988, studying the history of our town. This publication followed the same basic plan as the first by inviting members to research various aspects of our history. It starts with an article by J Borrows about the Clevedon Violets grown by George Lee.

Our President, Lady Margaret Elton, contributed a piece entitled, Chronicles of the Clevedon Cottage Hospital, and Jane Lilly wrote two unrelated items: one about Highdale Farm (the Hide Hall of Clevedon Manor) and the other describing crime in Clevedon from Saxon times right up to the formation of the first Somerset police force in 1857.

Beatrice Stella Pedder was a gifted water colour artist who was born in Clevedon in 1875. In 1965 she wrote an account of her memories of living in the town for the Clevedon Mercury, who gave the Civic Society permission to re-publish it in this book.

Our town in the 19th century and its growth in Victorian times are the subjects of two further essays, written by L Murray. These are included along with an article by A Cook and J Birch telling the history of the Clevedon Fire Brigade from its early beginning in 1882, following the fire in the State Room and Library at Clevedon Court.

The history of the cinema featured in chapter eight is of course a trifle out of date now as much has changed at the Curzon since the publication of these Annals in 1988, but H Wilkins’ article goes a good way to explain the early days of this, the oldest continuously operating cinema in the country, which is set to celebrate its 100th anniversary next April.

The final chapter is an essay about ourselves. Two members, D F Appleby and G H Case, obviously felt that our eighteen year history was worth documenting, and yes I think they were right. It is a fascinating if brief history reflecting the work of some very energetic members who strove to put the Clevedon Civic Society on the local map. It makes a fitting end to this worthwhile publication – another essential purchase for anyone interested in the history of our town.

Geoff Hale (this review was first published in the Autumn 2011 edition of ‘The Clevedonian’)

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Illustrations from the book by

Michael Horsfield