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Clevedon Civic Society

Society Talks

Registered Charity No: 263374  -  Founded in 1970

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All meetings are held at

St Andrew’s Church Centre, Clevedon at 7.30pm

All are welcome, visitors £3

The Boer War

Dr Eric Evans

The Boer War as seen by Dorset, Somerset and Devon members of the Territorial Army on their first time abroad.

Boer War.jpg Anglo-Boer_War_Memorial-001.jpg

Port to Port

A historical journey, the length and breadth of the Sharpness to Gloucester Canal.

Charting the fortunes of Gloucester's waterborne trade via the famous ship canal. Starting at the rural dock of Sharpness, we take a journey northward stopping at points of interest until "hoveing to" in the city's historic Gloucester dock.

Paul Barnett

Gloucester Docks.jpg Sharpness.jpg

Grandma Bryant

A granddaughter's recording of a Clevedon character.

Sally Smalley

A History of Weston-s-Mare High Street

Pat Hase

A stroll along Weston High Street and the changes it has seen.

weston-super-mare-high-street-1901.jpg www.visit-westonsupermare.com.jpg

Clevedon Community First Responders

Judith Boulden

This talk is about the role of CFRs, its history and there will be a demonstration of a Defibrillator.

Clevedon 1st Responders x1.JPG Clevedon 1st Responders x2.JPG


Ronald Hutton

How old are our current ways of celebrating Halloween and how old is the festival itself? Is it essentially Christian, pagan or neither and should it be honoured at all? This talk is designed to answer these questions and more.

halloween1.jpg halloween-pumpkin.jpg

A mission with its roots in Clevedon - a very local story

History  of the Mission to Seamen

Philip Auden

banner-history.jpg john_ashley.jpg

Votes for Women

Carol Wood

2018 marks the 100 year anniversary of granting (some) women the vote. In this illustrated talk Carol will look at the campaign to convince politicians and the public that women could be trusted with the vote and reflect on the differences this has made to the lives of men and women.

Votes fo Women.jpg votes_for_women_400285.png

Members Own

Members visits to war graves in Clevedon and elsewhere

somme-memorials.jpg Menin Gate 2.png

All meetings are held at

St Andrew’s Church Centre, Clevedon at 7.30pm

All are welcome, visitors £3