Walk Reports 2021


Thursday 30 December 2021

Christmas Pudding Burn-off: The Parks of Clevedon

Fifteen walkers took part in the Footpaths Group’s traditional ‘Christmas Pudding Burn-off’.

The walk involved a 2.2 mile tour of some of Clevedon’s charming small Victorian parks. We met at the seating overlooking the pier in Pier Copse, Alexandra Road. After leaving the copse we went up through Alexandra Gardens and walked along Marine Hill. Just beyond the church we turned on to the footpath and made the short climb to the top, following the path to join the Zig Zag.

Descending to Hill Road we walked to Herbert Road and went round Herbert Gardens. We then strolled along Linden and Princes Roads to Sunhill Park, pausing there for a welcome coffee break.

Leaving the park we went from Sunnyside to the end of Jesmond Road and took the footpath along Hangstone Walk with its superb views over the Mendips. We retuned to Pier Copse via Victoria Road having burnt off at least a few calories along the way.

Report by Ross Janes
Photos by Ross, and Jeff Eastmond

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