Local Planning Applications

As part of its remit, the Conservation and Planning (C&P) Group examine the Planning Applications put forward to North Somerset Council (NSC) to determine whether there will be any impact on the aspects of Conservation Areas and Historical and Listed Buildings in the town, or the character of the town.

This page records previous Applications which the Group has considered, and their final outcome.

Click on the Planning Ref to visit the details page for the application, including the comments submitted by the C&P Group on behalf of the Civic Society, where made.

19/P/1354/LBC03/06/2019External lighting, Pier Toll House and PagodaApproved
19/P/1697/FUH11/07/2019Two-storey side extension, 1 The Zig-ZagRefused
19/P/1719/RM15/07/2019Residential development, Plots 4-9 Court FarmApproved
19/P/1722/OUT16/07/2019Residential development, 4 Melbourne TerraceWithdrawn
19/P/1875/LBC31/07/2019Replacement/demolition work, East End FarmhouseApproved
19/P/1880/FUL01/08/2019New library, Clevedon SchoolApproved
19/P/2251/LBC11/09/2019External lighting, The Royal Oak, Copse RoadApproved
19/P/2253/ADV11/09/2019External signage, The Royal Oak, Copse RoadApproved
19/P/2348/FUL19/09/2019Residential development, 10A Parnell RoadRefused
19/P/2503/FUL09/10/2019Single storey Children's Nursery, 18 The AvenueWithdrawn
19/P/2789/FUH11/11/2019Side extension, 3 The AvenueWithdrawn
19/P/2790/FUL11/11/2019Motorway maintenance compound, Tickenham RoadApproved
19/P/3021/FUL04/12/2019Residential development, 10A Parnell Road (2nd application)Approved
19/P/3106/FUH16/12/2019Replacement garden structure, 17 The Avenue (Jasmine House)Approved
19/P/2856/FUL18/11/2019Change of use, 1st and 2nd floors, 4-6 The TriangleApproved
19/P/3092/FUL16/12/2019Alterations to car park entrance, Christ Church, Chapel HillApproved
08/01/2020Works at rear of 13 Wellington TerraceApproved
20/P/0081/LDP13/01/2020Replace garage with Garden room, 9 Channel RoadApproved
31/01/2020Change of use, Market Hall, Alexandra RoadApproved
20/P/0309/FUH16/12/20192 storey side extension, 1 The Zig-ZagApproved
20/P/1289/FUH11/06/20201 The Zig-Zag. New drawing submitted omitting ground floorApproved
19/P/3118/ADV16/12/2019Funeral Parlour, 156 Old Church Road. Retrospective business signsApproved
18/P/4846/FUL14/11/2018Retirement home/Children's Day Care 173-175 Kenn RoadApproved, conditions
19/P/2298/FUL16/09/2019Residential development, Stafford Garage. Revised drawings submittedApproved
19/P/2313/FUL 17/09/2019Amenity area, residential development, Stafford Garage. Revised as aboveApproved
20/P/0827/FUL08/04/2020Neads Court, Knowles Road. Additional business space on 1st floorApproved
20/P/1135/CQA27/05/2020Newhouse Cottage Moor Lane (off Court Lane) Clevedon. Barn conversionWithdrawn
20/P/1333/FUL 16/06/202011A Bellevue Road. Change of use from A1 to C3 (residential)Approved
20/P/1433/FUL25/06/2020Ground floor 32-34 Hill Road. Change of use from office to restaurantApproved
20/P/1440/FUH26/06/20203 The Avenue. Further application for three-story side additionRefused
20/P/1251/FUH08/06/2020Tor Na Coille, Strawberry Hill. New detached houseRefused
20/P/1259/FUL08/06/20207 Elton Road. Reconfiguring existing flats and car parkingApproved
20/P/1683/FUH20/07/202010 Kings Road. Extensive additionsApproved
20/P/1719/FUL23/07/2020Residential development, 10A Parnell Road (3rd application)Approved
20/P/1941/FUL26/06/2020Extensions on three sides, 16 Westbourne AvenueApproved
20/P/1969/FUL19/08/202041 Copse Road. House on site of former workshopApproved
20/P/2083/FUL03/09/202022 & 22A Old Church Road. Replacement shop frontsApproved
20/P/2285/FUH23/09/20207 Highdale Road. Rebuild of 2 story outbuildingApproved
20/P/0891/FUL17/04/2020Jellalabad & Vimy Ridge, Ladye Bay. 4 New houses, revisions madeApproved
20/P/2799/MMA13/11/2020Residential development, Stafford Garage. Variation to conditionsApproved
20/P/2827/FUL16/11/2020Severn Oaks, 6 Jesmond Road Change of use from Care Home to 6 flatsApproved
20/P/2863/FUL26/11/20207-11 Bellevue Road. Sub-divide vacant shop into three.Approved
20/P/2945/LBC17/08/2020The Curzon Cinema. Various detailed issuesApproved
19/P/1821/FUL25/07/2019Coach House in grounds of 2 Highdale RoadApproved
21/P/0373/FUL09/02/20213 Old Church Road (Triangle Club). Conversion to shops and flatsApproved
20/P/2411/FUL19/11/2020173-175 Kenn Road. Variation to conditionsApproved
21/P/0243/AOC 27/01/2021173-175 Kenn Road. Discharge of conditionsApproved
21/P/1157/FUL15/04/20217 Highdale Road. New pedestrian access and car parkingWithdrawn
21/P/1562/FUH26/05/202132 Channel Road. Side porch, access to habitable attic conversionWithdrawn
21/P/1701/FUH10/06/20214 Cambridge Road. Large first floor extensionsApproved

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